Cooling Water Reclamation

Cooling Water Reclamation

Today, we face increasingly serious water-related challenges on a global scale. This includes water shortages due to uneven distribution, water pollution associated with industrial development and depletion of groundwater.

To improve this situation, Kurita Group actively supports the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

Based on the social issues outlined in the SDGs, Kurita Group aims to contribute in its business field – “water and environment” – and provides its customers with solutions on the themes of “saving water”, “saving energy” and “reducing waste.”

Our vision and goal of a water recycling world are to recycle water completely.

Cooling tower blow down water recovery

Kurita Group will strive together with its customers to reduce the amount of water intake used in the business activities. To achieve this, Kurita has developed innovative and unique technologies based on the optimal combination of Water Treatment Equipment and Water Treatment Products.

Having extended experience both in chemical water treatment as well as in the manufacturing of units for water preparation for various industries, Kurita has joined its forces to develop combined water reuse technologies and water treatment products to provide the optimal quality and volume of water required for the specific industrial processes.

For the reclamation of water, it is essential to have technologies and expertise in different fields of water treatment available. It is crucial to know the needs but also the limits of these different technologies. To achieve cooling tower blow down water recovery Kurita has matched these needs and limits resulting in a unique technology able to recover up to 80 % of cooling water blow down which would have been lost otherwise through the discharge of the water.

Kurita can offer tailored solutions of Equipment and Water Treatment products which do not just work for one application (e.g. cooling) but which takes the whole water cycle (e.g. cooling and water reclamation) into account.

Combining these technologies with modern IoT and Monitoring solutions ensures safe and stable operation of the plant while achieving a high degree of water reclamation.

Kurita's Core Solutions for Water Supply

The Kurita Group provides comprehensive solutions to customers by integrating a variety of technologies, products, and services in three business areas: water treatment chemicals, water treatment facilities, and IoT services.

Facility: The Kurita Group provides optimal water treatment systems for producing water of the required quality.
  • Membrane Systems
  • Wastewater Systems for different industries
  • Water Reclamation Systems

Chemicals: The Kurita Group provides various water treatment chemicals to help prevent operational challenges, save water, and reduce energy usage.
  • Cooling Water Treatment
  • Boiler Water Treatment
  • Membrane Treatment

IoT & Monitoring: With IoT and Monitoring services, we can ensure treatment control and smooth plant operation for the facilities and the water treatment products being used.

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