Kurita DMax Technology

Kurita's DMax Technology

This technology is an extensive chemical treatment program with different components. The very strong organic amine based Kurita DMax products react with ammonium salts or very corrosive hydrochloric acid (HCl) by forming liquid reaction products with low corrosion potential. It prevents salt formation with unwanted precipitation or differential pressure increase of the top section of distillation columns. Kurita DMax products are able to fully dissolve ammonium salt based deposits into the process stream. This offers a curative treatment by removing salt deposits or preventing them from forming again later.

Kurita DMax Technology enables increased production of middle distillates

Cut point adjustment by lowering the top temperature of FCC columns is an option, where a higher LCO yield can be achieved quickly. The middle distillates of FCC units, LCO serves as a base material for diesel production. However, to lower the gasoline base cut temperature, refiners have to decrease the top temperature of the distillation column. Lowering the temperature of the distillation tower significantly increases the risk of deposition of ammonium salts and neutralizing amine salts in the column. Deposition of ammonium salts would block the trays and pumparounds in the column and increase the differential pressure. That could eventually bring the unit to a halt. Washing off the salts with water is a commonly conducted practice, however accelerates severe corrosion in the column.

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