Sustainable cleaning with Alberol®/Ferrolin®

Deposits in water systems, especially in heat exchangers may cause significant heat transfer reduction which may lead to loss of efficiency and so cooling capacity. It is highly recommended and part of good practice protocols to apply a cleaning under the following circumstances:

  • Long standby of the system without and with water,
  • Inefficient chemical treatment,
  • After subsequently maintenance work in the plant.

Appropriated cleanings keep machines, pipes and systems available at any time and helps to avoid unexpected downtimes. A regular and specialized cleaning is one of the key factors for operational readiness of production facilities. Therefore Kurita proposes acidic, alkaline and neutral cleaners to remove deposits, scale, fouling, dirt, grime or impurities. Alberol®/Ferrolin®: products for the removal of scale, metal oxides, deposits, oil, mud.

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