Broad range of special treatment programmes for steam generators and boiler systems – Ferrolix®

Ferrolix® products are designed to provide optimal solutions to ensure protection against corrosion and scaling in the entire boiler system and water steam cycle. Our Ferrolix® product range includes innovative technologies to reduce operational costs and to increase system reliability and lifetime. Ferrolix® products are available as single components or as complete all-in-one solutions.

Oxygen Scavengers / Reducing Agents

Even small quantities of dissolved oxygen may cause corrosion the boiler systems. Kurita offers volatile and non-volatile oxygen scavengers to control the dissolved oxygen concentration in an appropriate level.

  • Organic and inorganic oxygen scavengers for food industry in accordance with FDA § 173.310
  • Volatile oxygen scavengers for high pressure systems and All-Volatile-Treatment (AVT) concepts
  • Non-toxic oxygen scavengers to replace hydrazine
  • Non-toxic catalysed oxygen scavenger for low temperature feedwater conditions

Internal Treatment / Scale Inhibitors

Scale formation in boiler systems reduces system efficiency and lifetime and presents a serious safety risk. Kurita offers phosphate and polymer based scale inhibitors to protect system surfaces against scaling and corrosion.

  • Unique hardness & silica control products
  • Phosphate and phosphonate based deposit control programs
  • Phosphorus-free deposit control based on dispersants
  • Treatment programs for food industry in accordance with FDA § 173.310
  • Phosphate products and polymers for high pressure boilers
  • Foam control additives

Feedwater and Steam/Condensate Alkalization

Corrosion and material loss in feedwater lines and steam/condensate systems is usually caused by low pH value conditions. Kurita offers a complete range of neutralizing and alkalizing amines for application in low, medium and high pressure systems.

  • Alkalising amine blends for food industry in accordance with FDA § 173.310
  • Specific alkalising amine blends for low, medium and high condensate return systems
  • Treatment programs for industrial systems with long steam and condensate lines

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