HydroBio® Technology

Effective treatment programmes by determination of biofilm and scale deposits online with HydroBio® Technology

Biofouling is an organic film composed of living (and dead) microorganisms embedded in a polymer matrix called EPS (=Extracellular Polymeric Substance). Biofouling is often present when the makeup water is surface or waste water.

In case of insufficient treatment of water systems, biofouling and scaling may develop. Biofilms causes microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) and are a shelter for pathogenic bacteria like Legionella. Moreover, biofilms and scale act as a thermic insulation lying on the inner walls of pipes and plant equipment leading heat transfer and so energy losses.

HydroBio® is more and more becoming the industrial standard for deposit control and monitoring. Kurita offers competent tools to monitor the active substances and the key performance indicators (KPIs) of your systems so you can be sure that the expected treatment effect is achieved.

  • HydroBio® Testkit: Fast and easy biofilm determination.
  • HydroBio® Advance: Robust online biofilm thickness measurement.
  • HydroBio® ASC: New biofilm and scaling monitoring.

HydroBio® Test Kit: For easy and fast determination of biofilm amount.

The HydroBio® test kit enables a better control of microbiological growth in water systems; e.g. in cooling water systems, process water (Food and Beverage industry, Paper industry), and in membrane filtration processes. A biofilm consists of a mixture of slime (polysaccharides) and of living or dead micro-organisms. Bacteria like Legionella often settle in biofilms. Due to biofilms heat transfer can be reduced and microbial influenced corrosion can occur. The HydroBio® test kit allows the determination of biofilms in water systems. Thus it enables you to adapt the biocide treatment and to better control microbiological risks.

HydroBio® Advance: Robust online biofilm determination and monitoring method in all water systems.

To achieve a clean system and its smooth operation, efficient biofilm monitoring is the key parameter and for this, a sensitive system for biofilm monitoring is necessary: HydroBio® Advance.

At the same time, the measurement has to be robust, reliable and easy to install in any system. HydroBio® Advance achieves this combination by combining the sensor into a tube design.

The best choice for the monitoring of biofilms in your industrial systems:

  • Results just in time 
  • Continuous and reliable measurement
  • Easy interpretation of the results
  • Proactive decision making
  • Use the right amount of products at the  right time
  • Robust and easy to handle

For more information: HydroBio® Advance.

HydroBio® ASC: A new and innovative method to determine biofilm and scale in water systems online.

HydroBio® ASC is the new bofilm and scaling monitoring system for cooling water which has the same principle as HydroBio® Advance. In addition to biofilm measurement, it simulates heat exchanger surface, by this way, it monitors one of the major problems scaling cause: blocking of the heat transfer.
HydroBio® ASC is the perfect system for the full control and monitoring of your system.

We offer tailored solutions for your water systems. Benefits of HydroBio® ASC include:

  • Just in time treatment control
  • Online fouling & scaling monitoring
  • Chemical treatment optimization
  • Cost saving by avoiding overdosage
  • Smooth plant operation

More information regarding Equipment: Equipment & Engineering.

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