Integration Method

Integration Method

Kurita´s patented method for the treatment of drinking water systems in waterworks and municipal water production plants

  • Components are phosphate and silicate solutions
  • the phosphate and silicate solutions are separate, and the required mixture is adjusted to the water quality
  • They are separately delivered to and stored at the waterworks
  • Both components are added separately to the water

The plant technology

We perform the engineering; we customise the treatment and build the needed plant technology.

Main components are:

  • Separate tanks for phosphate and silicate
  • Separate dosing-systems for phosphate and silicate
  • Common flow-proportional signal for the dosing pumps
  • Separate addition to the water-supply line

Advantages of the Integration Method

One mixing step during the production process is no longer needed:

  • High concentration of the solutions
  • Smaller storage quantity
  • Smaller freight quantity
  • No blocked combination of phosphate and silicate
  • Individually adjustable composition of phosphate and silicate

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