Kurita's broad range of corrosion inhibitors, hardness stabilizers and antifreeze for closed systems – Korrodex®

Korrodex® products are designed to provide optimal solutions to ensure protection against corrosion and scaling in closed systems. Our Korrodex® product range includes innovative technologies to reduce operational costs and to increase system reliability and lifetime. Furthermore our Korrodex® portfolio offers solutions to treat heating and hot water systems, closed cooling systems and chilled water systems.

Corrosion inhibitors:

Closed systems can be simple circuits up to complex installations containing multiple system materials. Kurita has the right solution for systems containing carbon steel, stainless steel, yellow metals and aluminum.

Hardness stabilizers:

Depending on the operational temperature range of a closed system the water quality can be low conductivity demin water, softened water or high conductivity tap water. Korrodex® products based on dispersants are available for the specific water quality range. The applied dispersants are characterized by high thermal stability even on hot heat exchanger surfaces providing the necessary hardness stabilization properties over a wide temperature range.

Anti-freezing additives:

Industrial cold water or chilled water systems are operated at low temperature ranges often below 0°C. Under these conditions the application of anti-freezing additives is essential. The Korrodex® anti-freezing product range offers corrosion inhibitors with high stability components for a comprehensive treatment of your system.

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