Kurita Heavy Metal Precipitation Technology

Kuriflock™ 8603 supports coal-fired power plant in Germany to control Mercury and other Heavy Metals
Kuriflock™ 6907 is used by a steel & alloy manufacturer to safely control heavy metals in its factory in Spain
Kuriflock™ 6907 supports refinery to remove heavy metals in the soil decontamination process in Italy
Kuriflock™ 8603 heavy metal removal agent with better WGK grade
Kuriflock™ 8603 is used by european refinery to control Lead and cadmium in its wastewater
Kuriflock™ 8603 is used by municipal utilities for improving waste incineration plants and domestic waste impact
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Minimize heavy metal pollution in the wastewater to meet environmental compliance

The concentration of heavy metals in the wastewater is one of the most serious environmental challenges we face and a large concern for various industries.

Traditional treatments do not meet the heavy metal residual fixed in the legislation due to the partial solubility of the metal hydroxide in the wastewater. This demands an alternative approach.


Kuriflock™: New Precipitant for Heavy Metal

Kurita has developed a comprehensive technology for heavy metal elimination from complex effluents by precipitation. With our Kuriflock™ products, we can support you to protect the environment and achieve compliance with environmental standards.

KuriflockTM features & benefits

Improved heavy metals removal efficiency

Improve the precipitation process and the sludge dewatering process in less precipitation time.

Cost-effective solution

Wastewater sludge production and additional chemical consumption decrease notably in comparison to the traditional treatment, at the same time that the legal Metal Residuals are meet.

Environmental Compliance

Kuriflock™ meets with EU residual limits for heavy metals.

Our Kuriflock™ is suitable for several industries such as:
  • Municipal/Industrial waste incineration facilities
  • Metallurgical industry – Steel production and processing
  • Fossil fuel power plants – Flue gas desulfurization/Fly Ash Stabilization
  • Oil Industry: Mercury removal after desalter (Refinery), Deoiler for Oil/Water separation (Field)

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