KuriLoc Kit

KuriLoc Kit – Legionella testing kit

Legionnaires disease was discovered in the late 70‘s after several outbreaks. In the last ten years, the authorities and countries started to intensify their efforts to regulate the topic. Countries like Spain, France, Nederland, Germany and UK have strict laws that force the final users of the water in industrial and municipal installation to have a close control of their systems and applications. Even in the countries where direct laws about Legionella don’t exist, there are guidelines, norms or best practices that must be fulfilled. Kurita has been always one step ahead in the Legionella control and with a long trajectory in the field.

One of the latest innovations in the Legionella control is the rapid detection method: KuriLoc Kit. This Legionella testing kit offers the first results only 3 hours after the sampling and is highly specific. The determination is made specifically by the RNA of Legionella, which occurs in the water sample. RNA is only found in living cells compared to DNA, including cells in the VBNC state. The KuriLoc rapid test is for the determination of Legionella spp. designed. The KuriLoc rapid test is already used in accredited and other laboratories and provides an overview of the Legionella concentration within a few hours. Thus, a timely assessment of a performed treatment in systems for problems with Legionella as in-house control can be done. This increases the reliability of the systems and minimizes a potential health risk for third parties and their own employees. Furthermore, the monitoring of microbial deposits (biofilm) in industrial aquifers – reproducible, quantitatively and in real time – is an essential element for a successful process control with regard to contamination. Fast detection and monitoring of microbiology play a central role. Customers benefit from the advantages of the fast detection kit KuriLoc, either by purchasing their own device or by using the Legionella testing services of Kurita´s accredited laboratories.

Our Legionella control concept offers a full package for the control, monitoring and treatment of the Legionella:

  • Certified specialists by the VDI
  • Fast detection methods KuriLoc
  • Legionella testing service
  • Action Plan
  • Monitoring HydroBio® Advance
  • Technologies & products Dilurit® BC S-System
  • Legionella risk assessments
  • Procedure
  • Sampling & analysis
  • Cleaning & disinfection
  • Training

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