Comprehensive treatment concepts for process applications – Kurita/Ferrosolf®

Disturbances in the sequence of operation can have disastrous effects, when single parts of the equipment are fouled or damaged.  Reliable and safe operation conditions are crucial for the production plant, where unplanned downtime and loss of production must be avoided. 

Kurita offers a broad range of chemical programmes that are tailored to suit your unique needs and operating requirements. We can assist you to keep your processing units running at an optimal level, maximising your production in compliance with health and safety regulations and environmentally-conscious actions.

Lab Test

  • Wide range of emulsion breaker programmes to improve the phase separation of stable emulsions.
  • Dehydration of hydrocarbon feedstocks.
  • Neutralising amines for pH control during condensation processes.
  • Film-forming amines and oxygen scavengers to protect the metal surface of the equipment.
  • Kurita´s patented ACF Technology for the prevention of acid attack (e.g. HCl, H2S,etc.).
  • Prevention of unwanted salts and coke particles precipitation.
  • Inhibition of polymer formation and stabilisation of hydrocarbon feedstocks.
  • Kurita´s patented ACF Technology for the removal and prevention of ammonium salts during operation.
  • Environmentally friendly technologies for the removal of bitumen, tar, heavy fuels and other sticky, viscous greases and tenacious materials.
  • Degassing and removal of hazardous and volatile gases (e.g. benzene, H2S, VOC´s, LEL) with elimination of pyrophoric iron sulfide species.
  • Very efficient cleaning programmes for Packinox and Texas Tower heat exchangers or classical heat exchanger networks.
  • Very powerful and cost effective dust control suppression during handling and storage of solid bulk materials.
  • Treatment of stockpiles, conveyor belts, roads and other places, where dust emissions are observed. Kurita´s dust control agents have wetting, crusting or foaming properties.
  • Oil-soluble and water-soluble H2S scavengers to meet product specifications and safety and health requirements.
  • Foam prevention in distillation processes (e.g. alkanolamine units, delayed cokers, vacuum units), mineral oil products and various other applications.
  • Oil-soluble and water-soluble H2S scavengers to meet specifications and safety and health requirements.
  • Biocides for diesel fuels, heating oils and other technical products to eliminate and prevent growth of bacteria and fungi.
  • Excellent anticorrosive properties against microbial material degradation and sludge formation with no effect on the AOX value.
  • Sealing agents for charging hole and ascension pipe caps and oven doors to reduce harmful emissions.
  • Coating agents to increase equipment lifetime and reduce tar / graphite deposition.
  • Combustion improvers to control sodium and vanadium slag deposition and fouling problems with sulfuric acid corrosion control. The fuel oil conditioning effect reduces the downtime and maintenance.

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