Kurita PZ-6000

The sustainable bonding for starchy and dextrin containing adhesive systems.

Boron acid was still up some years ago as an indispensable additive for adhesive glues and for various industrial applications. When in 2011 Boron and its derivate were included in the candidate list SVHC (substances of very high concern) by ECHA as CMR Substances the manufacture and winding of cardboard cores and paper tubes and related industries faced a big challenge. 

As being Kurita, we solved a pending industrial problem: Boron free dextrin glue bonding as a perfect solution for the core board industry. With Kurita PZ-6000 A as a boron free stabilizing agent in starchy and dextrin glue formulations, Kurita secures the profitability and utilization of conventional technical procedures.

Kurita PZ-6000 - Our contribution to sustaintability

Kurita solved a pending industrial problem: Boron free dextrin glue bonding - Development of a non-toxic alternative.

Kurita PZ-6000 is noncorrosive and not a hazardous substance. It perfectly controls the stability, rheology and wettability of the surfaces to be bonded. Kurita PZ-6000 provides controlled viscosity stability, adhesion, bonding & film formation during production. The resulting adhesive mixtures remain stable and absolutely processable for long period of time. Kurita PZ-6000 is mainly used in dextrin glues for the manufacture and winding of core board, corrugated board and paper tubes on high-speed automatic equipment and can be added to the mixture as granulate or powder by stirring or dispersing and the required adhesion levels are easily achieved.

Kurita PZ-6000, the green revolution for dextrin-based adhesive systems

  • Boron-free technology Listed in the BfR 36. positive register – for food and packaging
  • Patented technology
  • User-friendly and easily soluble product
  • Highly active in the application
  • Does not contain any listed Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC)

Kurita PZ-6000 - sustainable bonding with a positive impact on human and environment comparable to the state of the art Technology

Economics, environment and social responsibility affect each other:

  • Kurita PZ-6000 secures profitability and utilization of production processes
  • Kurita PZ-6000 is safe to use and abundantly available
  • Kurita PZ-6000is a non-toxic replacement for health hazardous Boron containing products

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