Powerful Slime Control Agent For Membrane Systems

The Kuriverter® IK series is based on a highly effective, patented, biofilm control agent specifically designed with the unique ability to deeply penetrate and remove foulant from the surface while inhibiting future growth. All products are successful in removing existing biofilm through direct system by online injection, without having to shut down operations for cleaning. This feature allows users to experience cost savings associated with the loss of production during shutdowns, the labour required to clean the RO, water, and chemical cleaning costs.

Unique Suitability for Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems

Kuriverter® IK series biofilm control agents can be used online in membrane systems, subject to national registrations and approvals. Check with your local representative about the status in your region.

Performance Benefits

Deeply penetrates, removing even the most persistent biofouling, for good!

Removes biofilm from the membrane surface without requiring shut-down for cleaning

Reduces differential pressure across the membrane

Restores and maintains permeate flow

Reduces CIP cleaning frequency and system downtime

Reduces energy required and total cost of operations

Eliminates the need for conventional disinfection chemicals

Extends membrane & cartridge filter life

Compatible with polyamide membranes


Unique and patented technology, NSF approved in many countries

Kuriverter® IK-110

Removes biofilm from the membrane’s surface while preventing future bio growth.

Kuriverter® IK-220

Enhanced formula for deeper biofilm penetration at
lower doses.

Kuriverter® Series Savings Calculator

Easily calculate the potential savings you can achieve by applying Kuriverter® technology into your RO system.


The Most Effective Solution to Biofouling Problems

Kuriverter® chemicals are an effective way to maintain system water quality and quantity, extend time between cleanings, and reduce energy consumption. Even in the case of contaminated feed water and insufficient pre-treatment systems, the problem-solving ability of the new slime control agent is coming along without additional capital investment cost.

Case Studies

Kuriverter® IK-110 – Extraordinary Biofouling Reduction

Kuriverter® IK-110 effect in a Refinery SWRO plant

Paper plant optimize RO plant thanks Kuriverter® IK110

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