RoClean™ Membrane Cleaners
Provide efficient and cost-effective removal of many different foulant and scales.

RoClean™ Membrane Cleaners

All reverse osmosis (RO) systems foul over time. Symptoms of fouling include a decrease in normalized permeate flow, an increase in salt passage, or an increase in differential pressure. Severe fouling may also cause irreversible damage to membranes, making effective cleaning difficult or impossible.

Avista RoClean™ cleaners provide efficient and cost-effective removal of many different types of foulant or scale. All products are membrane compatible. There are low and high pH options, liquid and powder products. RoClean cleaners are highly buffered and contain a unique blend of ingredients that wet and break up foulant, suspend the foulant in solution and disperse the foulant to prevent redeposition. Low foaming options are available. A wide range of application approvals are held for the products including NSF and EN certification.

Case Studies

In-Depth Analysis of Changes Restores System Optimization

Removing Silica Scale RoClean™ P112 and Vitec™ 4000

Municipal RO Plant Recovery

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