RoQuest™ Coagulant
Membrane-compatible coagulants to boost filter performance

Coagulation and Filtration

Our extensive autopsy library shows colloidal and particulate fouling are very frequent causes of fouling in reverse osmosis (RO) systems, resulting in reductions in performance efficiency and membrane element life.

Multi-media filtration is one of the most common and economical solutions for removing colloidal material from the feed stream of RO membrane systems. However, media filters alone are typically successful in removing only 30 to 50 per cent of feed water colloids.

While very significant improvements in performance can be achieved by dosing chemical coagulants upstream of the filter, many of these coagulants can have severe and permanent consequences for membrane performance if they pass through into the RO feedwater. 

Kurita offers a solution to this problem with a range of proprietary membrane-compatible coagulants that can dramatically boost filter performance – typically taking removal rates up to 95 to 99%.

RoQuest™ Coagulant Benefits

The use of RoQuest coagulants offers the following benefits to RO system operators:

Reductions in cleaning frequency

Improved energy efficiency

Improved membrane element life

Better production rates

Reductions in cartridge filter consumption

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