Paper Specialties

Pyrex®-Flame retardants

Our halogen-free flame retardants are a key-element for the manufacturing of non-flammable paper and nonwoven products which are applied in construction, packaging or electronics.

Both liquid and crystalline formulations are available.

Syncol® – Flying-splice Adhesives

Unique sprayable adhesives for tambour changes at high speed off-line coating or calendering lines. Reliable tack even at high filler levels. No residuals – easily repulpable.

Bekaperg® – Halogen-free re pulping agents

Bekaperg® additives are applied to recover papers containing wet strength resins. Highly efficient alkaline or oxidative products are available which contribute to energy savings and eliminate AOX-emissions.

Calgon® and Polyron® – Tissue additives

Medium and highly molecular polyphosphates for Yankee cylinder applications. Benefits:

  • Outstanding stabilization of hardness
  • Extended doctor blade lifetime
  • Uniform base coat adhesion
  • Increased softness and bulk

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