S.sensingTM CS
Wastewater automation system for real-time monitoring & dosing control

Advanced online monitoring optimises wastewater treatment​

Kurita’s S.sensingTM CS technology offers an innovative equipment to control the product dosage in industrial wastewater treatment systems. This state of the art wastewater monitoring system is using a laser-based technology and offers an in situ measurement of the turbidity between the flocs. The advantage of measuring the turbidity between the flocs is that this enables the S.sensingTM CS wastewater monitoring system to control the product dosage already at the inlet of the sedimentation basin, which means before the actual sedimentation process.

Key Benefits

Less product consumption

Avoid overdosing by the right and on-time product amount dosage

Total Cost Reduction

Stable treated water quality through reduced operational cost

Decrease in Sludge Amount

Optimized treatment consumables, thus reduced waste generation and disposal cost

S.sensingTM CS Savings Calculator

Easily predict the potential savings you can achieve by applying S.sensingTM CS technology  technology into your wastewater system.


S.sensingTM CS Key Advantages

Due to the continuous monitoring, S.sensingTM CS ensures at the same time an optimum dosage and a smooth and stable plant operation.

Customer Review

Case Studies

Real-time KPI savings control at water pre-treatment plant with S.sensingTM CS

One of the biggest European wood manufacturers saves 25k€/y by changing to Kurita treatment concept

Petrochemical plant decreases the coagulant consumption at water preparation by using S.sensing CS

S.sensing CS application reduces 3t/year of sludge in a food industry

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