Special products

Aluminium Hydroxide NF – for the manufacture of printing inks.

Transparent dispersions are obtained when Aluminium Hydroxide NF is mixed with binding agents and printing varnishes.

Aluminium Hydroxide NF regulates the consistency of the printing inks by increasing their viscosity and hence their covering capacity.

An important feature of Aluminium Hydroxide NF is its compatibility with the various types of printing oils and printing ink varnishes, which can be mixtures or thermally treated mixtures of different components.

When very expensive or very intense pigments are used or when the
printing cylinders are too deeply etched, the color intensity may be diminished by the use of the transparent Aluminium Hydroxide NF.

The increase of the viscosity produced by the admixture of Aluminium Hydroxide NF prevents or retards the rate of sedimentation of heavy inorganic pigments in low-viscosity systems and therefore acts as a color stabilizer.

Our Aluminium Hydroxide NF, in contrast to naturally occurring fillers, is very soft so that it has a negligibly small abrasive effect. Thus the use of Aluminium Hydroxide NF preserves printing cylinders and offset plates allowing very large print runs to be obtained.

Aluminium Hydroxide NF also affects the drying properties of printing inks favorably.

Potash Alum.

We can offer Potash Alum technical and iron free.

The field of application is:

  • Tanning of furs in tawery
  • Pickling in dye works
  • Coagulation means for latex
  • Styptic effect in razor stones (astringent)