Specialty Paper

Intelligent treatments for specialty papers market.

Being the smallest segment volume-wise the specialty paper market is an innovation-driven and growing industry on a global scale.

What kind of specialty products does Kurita provide?

From food & beverage filtration via banknotes to laminate base papers - numerous specialty paper products require a high wet strength – our Giluton® wet strength agent portfolio for wet and dry strength improvement offer a maximum strength enhancement in compliance with the regulatory framework conditions. In addition, they provide a number of proven benefits to paper such as increased machine speed or a higher utilization of low cost fiber.

Paper can be nonflammable! With our environmental friendly halogen-free Pyrex® flame retardant chemistry for surface applications, manufacturers can easily produce a flame retardant cellulose based product.

Classical and Nonwoven wallpapers require high dimension stability and a controlled adhesive uptake - Perglutin® polymeric sizing agents provide both of these.

Discover more solutions for specialty papers on our Technologies pages.

Why choose Kurita?

Kurita is your competent partner for comprehensive solutions – our technical sales representatives and application technologists provide you locally with reliable customised services and solutions for your operations.

We take the continuous improvement of your process to heart. Our aim is to support you in reducing water and chemicals consumption and adding value to paper while keeping environment and sustainability in the focus. For good reasons Kurita is one of only 30 enterprises which are listed in the „NAI“ (Nature-Stock-Index).

Our comprehensive service includes:

  • System surveys and paper testing
  • On and off-site staff training
  • Development of customized concepts in our pilot paper plant
  • Analytical services (on-site and in own laboratories)
  • Real-time process monitoring and control concepts
  • Engineering services
  • Equipment technologies

Do you need support? Our qualified experts will be glad to advice you personally and individually.