Fish Preparation

After preparation – Cleaning necessary –
See 11.) Cleaning solutions: Ferrolin FB

Packaging of fish and goods

After filling oil, fat and other residues adhere on the packaging
See 3) Pre-Treament with Albaphos FB

Pre-washing step of packaging

We deliver solutions for a pre- treatment step:
  1. Fat and Scale removal coming from filling process
  2. Passivation and pre-corrosion protection
Both options are easily dosed to the water which is used for the pre-washing step.
Albaphos FB adds values compared to using water, heat, or traditional treatment:
  • No or less transfer of fatty or other deposits from filling process into your thermal treatment plant –
    keep the system clean in first place
  • Saving of energy through reduction of heat during pre-treatment
  • Water savings through rinsing effect – Water from the packaging is keep in the water cycle of the washing
    step and can be used more often then using just water for pre-cleaning
  • Higher through-put and less out of spec production due to a pre passivation

Thermal process – autoclave

Albaphos FB – Product range: Customized solutions especially designed for pasteurizer
and autoclave treatment Protection of all parts in contact with the treated water,
preventing corrosion and scaling, fat & oil removal, glossy improvement of packaging,
rinsing agents and many more!

Boiler water treatment

Biocide treatment

Customized biocide treatment according to local regulations and needs. Extremely high efficiency against
microorganisms. Highly effective solutions to avoid Legionella pn. according to industrial standards

+Dilurit BCS info and bromine free

Water preparation and membrane treatment

Specific programs against precipitation of performance-reducing salts and/or damaging abrasive scale deposits
in RO membrane installations. Available as phosphorus-containing or phosphorus-free treatments. Certified to NSF/ANSI 60
and other food/drinking-water authority.

Waste Water treatment

Broad range of Coagulants and Flocculants for wastewater and sludge treatment and water preparation.
Products specially formulated for improved COD reduction and oil and fat removal.
Compliance with EN Standards for the preparation of drinking water.

Cleaning solutions

Ferrolin FB: Cleaning solutions especially designed
for the F&B industry. Liquide and foam cleaner solutions
for a wide range of applications. Customized treatment
concept to keep your plant shiny and clean.