New spanish regulation for prevention and control of Legionella

On June 21st, 2002, the Health Ministry published the Royal Ordinance 487/2002, in which the sanitary requirements to prevent and to control Legionelosis were established. This regulation will come into place on January 2th, 2023. 

The main changes between the Royal Ordinance 487/2022 compared to the Royal Ordinance 865/2003 (old) are the following:

      • It is based on the UNE 100030 norm. 

      • It considers 2 options to select: make a PPCL (Prevention and Control Plan of Legionella) based on the UNE norm, or a PSL (Sanitary plan against Legionella), adapted to the circumstances of the installation, based on the evaluation and risk assessment – WHO and continuous evaluation. Recording all actions during 5 years (Deadline in one year). 

      • Legionella Analysis accredited by ENAC – ISO 17025 (Deadline 2 years). The lab tests of Legionella via culture could be complemented with fast methods, in some circumstances. 

      • It includes biocides generated in situ, considered in the wnd transitory regulation  of the Royal Ordinance 1054/2002.

      • The current training certificates are extended for 5 years according to the Order SCO/317/2003(new editions of trainings are authorized).New training for employees, according to Professional qualification specific to Legionella. 

      • It classifies 15 instalations and risk teams. (Annex I)

    • Inclusion of tables with corrective measures with possitive of Leigionella for Colling Towers, sanitary water and swimming pool.


    Cooling Circuits (New)

        •  Weekly measurement of turbidity

        • In the case of not being able to mantein < 15 NTU, have a filtration system in place. 

        • Total aerobic limits in 100.000 ufc/ml (Quaterly analysis)


      Sanitary Water:

          • Table with tap points depending on the number of installed terminals.


        From Kurita, we want to support and adecuate the performances, actions, and registry books in the risk installations to comply with the new legal situation. assuring that these have the optimal treatment to avoid any sanitary risk.

        For more information, you can watch our webinar on the necessary adaptation to the requirements established in the new Royal Decree 487/2022.

        With all these actions, we want to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN, to reach Good Health and Wellness (Nº3), and Clean Water and Health (Nº6), to protect the health of the people and enlarge the life of the water systems. 

        You can get the complete text of the RD 487/2022 HERE


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