Underground construction as building a tunnel or a mine is a major project. We provide innovative system solutions that contribute to the success of your construction projects. Benefit from our state-of-the-art products and our extensive experience gained from numerous tunnel construction projects.

Kurita products are benchmarked by performance, economic and consistent quality worldwide. In the last 10 years our Gecedral® F accelerators have been used throughout Europe in the most popular and mega tunnelling projects (for example Crossrail UK, Stuttgart 21, Norway, Switzerland). Over 6 mio. tons of shotcrete were accelerated. Kurita´s own research & development centre consistently develops innovative solutions and adapts our product range to the latest requirements. Thus, our customers can always expect high-performance products and reliable service.

Alkali-free Setting Accelerator for Shotcrete Lining (SCL)

Our Gecedral® F liquid setting accelerators have proved to be ideal for securing and lining the tunnel domes with shotcrete and for a reliable safety when working with shotcrete overhead. Gecedral® F has good adhesive properties, high early strength, and a low level of rebound ensures a high rate of advance thanks to high throughput rates and reliable strength. Gecedral® F is also preferred for road construction for slop stabilization with proven certified products.

Furthermore we provide Gecedral® P500 as a powder accelerator for dry-spraying shotcrete methods.

Alkaline Powder Setting Accelerator

Gecedral® ABE, Gecedral® ABE-R for all shotcrete applications which require a high early strength. Useful for wet-spraying and dry-spraying methods. Your benefit: good consistency of the concrete while spraying.

Annular Gap Grouting Mortar

Annular gap grouting mortar is applied for filling the annular gap emerging between the precast segmental lining with tubbings and the rock in tunnel- and underground constructions. It is needed for the bedding of the tunnel inner lining (segments). Our new product Gecedral® RSM allows an individual adjustment of the speed of the TBM (tunnel boring machine). Our economical Gecedral® RSM is chloride and alkali free and a waterglass-free solution.

Anti-Dust Agent

Efficient dust control and environmentally friendly products. The formation of dust is an issue that can occur both inside the tunnel and outside on the access roads and on the conveyors. Dust can be largely suppressed for surface and for conveyor treatment with our effective dust-binding agent Ferrosolf®. Dusty surfaces are stabilized by a polymer film. Dust can be knocked down even as it is being produced. This helps to reduce maintenance costs on construction machinery. Ferrosolf® is safe and simple to use. We provide dust control agents for wet spray and foam applications.


Drilling mud needs to be very fluid. On the one hand to protect the screw conveyor of the TBMs and on the other hand to allow an easy transportation of the mud. Therefore, soil conditioning/stabilizing of the mud is necessary. Tests with our new environment friendly product Ferrosolf® 700 show very good results.

Scaleinhibitors at Tunnel Drainage

Both in reversible and in irreversible drainage systems, Siliphos® technology prevents scaling and deposits in the drains. This helps to avoid expensive maintenance work and tunnel shutdowns can be reduced so that the traffic can keep moving.

Waste Water Treatment

Nearly every tunnel has a sewage treatment plant. We reduce costs by serving for better sludge dewatering and disposal treatment with organic Labufloc® flocculants and  Gilufloc®Mikrosorban® coagulants. We are serving for a safe heavy metal removal in mining industry.

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