Vitec® Antiscalants


Scaling within RO systems is a serious matter, for not only does scaling drastically reduce system performance, but also the irreversible damage on the membranes can come from more than just scale deposition.

The Avista Vitec® antiscalant line inhibits scale while also dispersing colloidal particles. The inhibition and dispersant properties of Vitec products help extend system run times, reduce cleaning frequency, and increase the productive life of RO elements. They are also highly effective at low dose rates. A wide range of application approvals are held for the products including NSF and EN certification.

Case Studies

RO System Optimization

A consulting engineering firm selected to design and oversee the construction of a 5-mgd reverse osmosis (RO) system for a Southern California military facility handed over the system to an operations management firm. Upon handover, the OEM of the system recommended that the management firm contact Avista Technologies for support with analytical membrane services, antiscalant recommendations, and on-site technical training for the operators. 

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Improve System Performance

Avista was contacted by a municipal water supplier in Ohio, USA, seeking advice on their reverse osmosis (RO) system, which had been experiencing increases in delta pressure and flow losses in a matter of days.

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