Tissue & Towel

Innovative technologies at tissue & towel production

From private label consumer goods to premium tissue brands – today´s manufacturing of tissue & towel products means providing more softness, more strength and more brightness to meet customers’ needs. Up-to-date paper chemistry enables the producer to utilize more short fibre and to reduce energy, water and waste in the process.

What kind of speciality products does Kurita provide?

Our Giluton® wet strength additives offer a maximum strength enhancement in compliance with the regulatory framework conditions. As regulatory requirements and customer demands keep constantly evolving our researchers stay focused on developing cost-efficient resins with further reduced contents of undesired by-products (AOX, DCP, MCPD).

In order to keep the high level of operational conditions, cleaning and boil out operations in pulp and paper lines are key issues. Despite that, all cleaning operations require machinery downtimes. Our Basidin® on line cleaning technology reduces cleaning down time and minimizes the application of hazardous boil out and cleaning chemicals thanks to the high efficient biodispersant product range.

Uncontrolled microbiological activity in paper machine circuits could cause several issues. Dilurit® oxidising and organic microbiocide systems prevent pinholes and bad odour in the finished goods. Dilurit® deposit control programmes help in keeping machine cleanliness and efficiency on the highest level achievable. We offer a wide range of oxidising and conventional biocides for slime control and preservation. In addition, we supply state-of-the-art make-up and dosing equipment as well as on-line monitoring and control technology.

Calgon® coating modifiers improve coating uniformity, enhance doctor blade lifetime and reduce dust.

Why choose Kurita?

Kurita is your competent partner for comprehensive solutions – our technical sales representatives and application technologists provide you locally with reliable customised services and solutions for your operations.

We take the continuous improvement of your process to heart. Our aim is to support you in reducing water and chemicals consumption and adding value to paper while keeping environment and sustainability in the focus. For good reasons, Kurita is one of only 30 enterprises which are listed in the „NAI“ (Nature-Stock-Index).

Our comprehensive service includes:

  • System surveys and paper testing
  • On and off-site staff training
  • Development of customized concepts in our pilot paper plant
  • Analytical services (on-site and in own laboratories)
  • Real-time process monitoring and control concepts
  • Engineering services
  • Equipment technologies