Technologia ACF

Kurita broad his product range in prevention of fouling and corrosion caused by hydrochloric acid and ammonium salts - ACF Technology.

The new ACF (Ammonium Chloride Free) technology uses additives that are chemical liquid formulations based on a very strong organic base. It prevents salt fouling and corrosion in crude distillation units, FCC units, hydrotreaters, hydrocrackers, reformer units and other process equipment, where such disturbances are observed regularly.

The innovative treatment is based on several actions:

  • The very strong organic base reacts immediately with strong acids such as hydrochloric acid by forming a liquid ACF chloride salt.
  • Ammonia is released from ammonium salts by forming the corresponding liquid ACF salt.
  • The formed ACF salts have a neutral pH, are very hygroscopic and can be easily removed with water.

Which are the benefits that ACF Technology offers?

  • Prevention of salt fouling and corrosion by forming liquid ACF salts. These salts have a neutral pH.
  • Removal of already formed salt deposits during operation.
  • Immediate reaction with very corrosive hydrochloric acid and ammonium salts.
  • Formed ACF salts can be easily removed with wash water or sour water. Liquid ACF salts are hygroscopic and have a very low corrosion.
  • Product formulations contain no dispersants, where fouled salts are just shifted to another location and corrosion could occur.
  • Ensures a long lifetime of the process equipment.
  • Reduces the need for cleaning operations.

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