Cetamine® technology generates savings for boiler water systems worldwide

Energy markets worldwide face extreme volatility driven by geopolitical tensions and a rebound in energy demand after the COVID-19 crisis, finally leading to extreme price increases for gas, oil, and electricity.

On the other hand, industry and society are forced to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to reduce the impact on further global earth warming. 

Modern boiler treatment concepts in our days are driven by requirements for economic boiler operation, reduced fuel  consumption, and less carbon dioxide emission.

Visit the Cetamine page to learn more. 

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Nuevo Real Decreto de prevención y control de Legionella

El pasado 21 de Junio de 2022 el Ministerio de Sanidad publicó el Real Decreto 487/2002 por el que se establecen los requisitos sanitarios para la prevención y el control de Legionelosis, que entra en vigor el día 2 de Enero del 2023.


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CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

Kurita’s global corporate social responsibility is at the core of our corporate philosophy and business strategy. Our goal is to provide clean water and sustainable solutions that create unique value for society and our customers. Kurita believes there is power in harmony and the balance between humanity and nature. Learn more about all of our CSR initiatives.

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CSV Solutions - Creating Shared Value for a Sustainable Society

The Kurita Group provides the value demanded by customers and aims to create shared value with the society that lies ahead. We will fulfill our responsibility for the future by providing unique solutions to issues associated with water and the environment.

Visit our Virtual Hall to learn more about how are technologies create Shared Value. 

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S.sensing CS - Real time wastewater monitoring and dosing control

Kurita’s S.sensing CS technology offers an innovative equipment to control the product dosage in industrial wastewater treatment systems. This state of the art wastewater monitoring system is using a laser-based technology and offers an in situ measurement of the turbidity between the flocs. The advantage of measuring the turbidity between the flocs is that this enables the S.sensing CS wastewater monitoring system to control the product dosage already at the inlet of the sedimentation basin, which means before the actual sedimentation process.



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DReeM Polymer

DReeM Polymer is Kurita’s innovative Dispersion Removal effect Management Polymer for steam generators and boiler systems. DReeM Polymer technology contributes to energy saving and stable operation. 1. Preventing scale formation and removing existing hardness and silica scale without any corrosion concern. 2. Keeping high efficiency by maintaining the cleanliness of boiler heat transfer surface. 3. Energy saving by recovering unused drain (waste heat and wastewater). This allows even water containing scale components to be used as boiler feed water.

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Food and Beverage market

With long years of experience, thriving for the future. Visit our specific landing page for the F&B Market. 

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