Dust Control
Exceptional treatment concepts for prevention of dust losses

Dust control solutions reduce health and safety concerns

Airborne contaminants occur as aerosols or as gases and vapours. Aerosols may exist as airborne dust, mists, sprays, smokes or fumes. Fugitive dust is typically finely divided solid particles that become airborne. Airborne dust is one of the most serious problems in bulk materials management. Respirable dust hazards, visibility in work areas and dust explosions are potential health and safety concerns. Product or raw material losses may have significant economic impacts. Dust emissions can affect machinery efficiency and can interfere with production qualities. Dust usually originate from larger masses of the same material. Typical materials handling processes are transporting, unloading, conveying, storage, sizing and sintering. 

The usage of high-performing dust control solutions will reduce health and safety concerns. They create a fine layer on bulk materials. Treated materials are coal, coke, ores, sulfur, sludge, earth, sand, fertilizers, solid waste, etc. Kurita provides highly efficient dust control solutions for wet spray or foam applications. The dust control solutions contain environmentally friendly suppression agents. They offer an excellent cost/performance ratio.


Meet environmental requirements

Reduced water use

Energy savings

Improve health and safety conditions

Long-lasting crust layers

Dust control spraying equipment

Kurita´s Ferrosolf® dust control solutions prevent dust losses and emissions in industrial warehouses and open storage areas. Dust particles are captured and will settle down. Wet spray systems are used to minimize water introduction to the bulk material. Special dust suppressants drastically reduce the surface tension of water at low concentrations. They bind dust particles to larger aggregates. When conveyors are used for transporting, pure water spraying is often not the method of choice. Foam spraying can be the best option for conveyor dust control. Sintering requires a very efficient conveyor dust control. This increases the knock down effect. Kurita´s conveyor dust control programmes can be used to create stable and voluminous foam. The foam acts as a barrier for dust particles.



Mines and road construction companies are forced to keep dust levels low. They spend thousands of dollars on water, truck maintenance, and road dust control products. Environmentally friendly products are needed. The sprinkling of water may result in traffic accidents through reduced traction and slippery roads. Watering roads also result in irregular road surfaces or potholes. Powerful road dust control products reduce that risks. 

Kurita provides high economy dust control products for mining and underground construction. These agents are approved as dust controller on dusty and gravel roads. They penetrate and solidify the surface of the treated material. The effect of our road dust control products lasts about 3-7 days. Influencing factors are surface properties, weather, and use.

Highly effective sealing products are used for coke oven charging hole caps. Our special dust control solutions decrease the environmental impacts. Coke gas emissions from the improperly sealed cap are significantly reduced. Kurita´s Ferrosolf® sealing products are stable at high temperatures. They are resistant to chemical and atmospheric agents. They also work as a crack sealing in refractory material. Ascension pipe caps can also be sealed.

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