Sustainable industrial cleaning, deposit and slime removal with Ferrolin® and Alberol®

Deposits in industrial installations can affect and minimize the performance of a system and even damage the constructions material. In heat exchangers, this may cause significant heat transfer reduction, which leads to lower efficiency and limited cooling capacity. This leads to the consequence that chemical and mechanical cleaning of the pipes become necessary. In paper machine loops deposits cause defects in the finished paper.

The formation of deposits can be caused by various reasons, e.g. poor water quality, insufficient chemical treatment, process upsets. Due to severe problems which can arise, excessive deposits should be removed by a chemical cleaning.

The aim of a successful cleaning is a wide removal of all deposits with a minimal attack on the surface and the highest possible environmental compatibility.

The customer demand is to achieve this cleaning with low working costs and a minimal downtime with high working safety

It is highly recommended and part of good practice protocols to apply a cleaning under the following circumstances:

  • Long standby of the system without and with water, 
  • Inefficient chemical treatment, 
  • After subsequently maintenance work in the plant.

Appropriated cleanings keep machines, pipes and systems available at any time and help to avoid unexpected downtimes. A regular and specialized cleaning is one of the key factors for the operational readiness of production facilities. Therefore Kurita proposes acidic, alkaline and neutral cleaners to remove deposits, scale, fouling, dirt, grime or impurities. To select the right parameters of the cleaning process, it is very important to know the composition of the deposits. Therefore we recommend analyzing the deposits. In addition, the thickness of the deposits should be known.

In general, acidic cleaners should be chosen to remove inorganic deposits and alkaline cleaners should be applied to remove organic material

In individual cases, it may be necessary to apply two cleaners in succession: for instance, if thick deposits with approximately half of calcium carbonate and half of the organic matter have to be removed. In this case, an acidic cleaner is applied first and after rinsing, an alkaline cleaner should follow.

Alberol® and Ferrolin®products for the removal of scale, metal oxides, deposits, oil, mud.

What can Kurita offer you?

  • Preliminary investigation of pre-set boundary conditions, e.g. circuit materials, available time, existing technical equipment.
  • Exact analysis of the composition of the deposits.
  • Implementation of the customized cleaning procedure.
  • Proposals for an optimization of the water treatment, e.g. the use of our products for hardness stabilization or corrosion inhibition in water systems, to avoid corrosion and deposits.

Why choose Kurita?

Our cleaning agents show an optimized efficiency for deposit removal:

  • To avoid heat transfer reduction.
  • To keep the water flow.
  • To remove slime deposits.
  • To prevent biological contamination.
  • To preserve the circuits against corrosion.