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In the last 15 years, the Geothermal Power industry quadrupled its capacity, positioning itself as one of the green energies with the most growth. Geothermal energy is sustainable, reliable, and environmentally friendly. Although it is limited to areas close to tectonic activity, the technology improvements in the possible uses of this resource are having a direct impact on the build of new facilities and the expansion of the market.

Even geothermal is a renewable resource but unfortunately not free of challenges. Corrosion and scaling problems may cause significant damage which ends up with a decrease in efficiency, loss of energy output, and increase in operational costs. Kurita has innovative solutions for geothermal systems to prevent the whole system starting from the production site until re-injection.
Due to the process conditions and regional geology and the diversity of materials in the rock formations, which change from one terrain to another, the geothermal production site can face several problems.


Challenges in the Geothermal Industry:

  • Corrosion in downhole: because of low pH, high salinity, high temperature, high gas content – damage on the well components
  • Corrosion at surface facilities: because of high salinity, low pH, aggressive flow regime, high gas content, challenging process conditions – damage on equipment and longer maintenance periods
  • Scale in downhole: because of the changes in physical and chemical conditions through the flow in the wellbore to the wellhead – several kinds of mineral precipitation in the well
  • Scale at surface facilities: because of challenging process conditions – cooled down geothermal brine may cause co-precipitation in heat exchangers – energy loss and longer maintenance periods
  • Corrosion and organic/inorganic fouling in cooling systems, brine gathering systems, steam lines, etc.


Kurita as partner to master the challenges:

Kurita is the perfect partner to help the geothermal sites to improve their daily production and reduce the natural challenges of geothermal technology which ends up saving in energy and cost.

Our Geothermal product range covers the treatment of the different zones of the process and offers innovative solutions for production wells, separation stations, pumping units, ORC units, steam turbines, cooling systems, and re-injection lines.

Kurita offers different product ranges like cooling system, process, boiler and closed systems.

Don’t hesitate to contact our experts in the field, we will be glad to search the best customised solution for you.



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