Kurita Geothermal Technology
Mastering the natural challenges together
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Process analysis and geochemical modeling


Provide customized solution package


Long-term optimization in total operational cost

Overcome the natural difficulties of geothermal technology

Geothermal is a strong candidate to make green energy transition from fossil-based resources to renewables. In order to provide non-stop 7/24 sustainable energy generation in terms of heat and power, Kurita has a full product range to protect your systems from geothermal challenges.

Our innovative solutions prevent the system during the entire geothermal cycle, from the production site to reinjection.

Production Well



Surface Pipelines
Plant Units
Injection Pipelines
Re-injection well

We manage to treat

of geothermal brine
in a year
0 M tons

We contribute to

energy production
with geothermal source
0 MWe

Our solutions help to reduce

CO2 emission
through geothermal utilization
0 kg/MWh

What are the challenges of geothermal systems?


  • Resulting in clogging of wellbore and production loss
  • Causes a decrease of production and heat transfer capacity, energy loss, and increase of operational cost
  • Affects the sustainability of the geothermal reservoir 


  • Resulting in damage of well equipment and even loss of well
  • Causes damage on brine gathering system and plant area, increasing operational costs due to long shut-downs
  • Ends up with permanent damage on the surface pipes and equipment

Chemical treatment is one of the essential applications of all types of geothermal utilization. There are different approaches to treatment programs, such as avoiding damages and performance enhancement techniques. Kurita Geothermal Technology products are accordant with the co-precipitation mechanism of several minerals in geothermal flow.


Kurita Geothermal Technology To Protect Systems From Scaling And Corrosion

Our milestones

Investigation Pillars

Validate Thermal Stability, Performance, and Optimal dosage of products by testing in our own lab facilities


Adjust Kurita know-how on water treatment industry into the future energy technologies

External collaboration

Verify the products in accordance with global and local environmental regulations 

Solution package

Treatment program, dedicated field service, online and inline performance monitoring tools

Sustainable goal

Contribute zero-emission target in global

Product Video

Why should you choose Kurita?

  • Strong technical background in water treatment applications 
  • Well-equipped R&D centers in Europe and Japan 
  • Fast action in the field with the help of convenient tools
  • Local production and supply chain by the global company network
  • Organic inhibitors and dispersants for multi-functional effect
  • Notable know-how from extensive field activities

Case Studies & Podcast

Geothermal plant saves 55M€/year with Kurita treatment

Turkish geothermal power plant solved valve blockages thanks to Kuritherm™ products

Hande Sile, Kurita Geothermal Product Manager,  on CORE Knowledge Podcast

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