Geothermal Industry

In the last 15 years, the Geothermal Power industry quadrupled its capacity, positioning itself as one of the green energies with the most growth. Geothermal energy is sustainable, reliable, and environmentally friendly. Although it is limited to areas close to tectonic activity, the technology improvements in the possible uses of this resource are having a direct impact on the build of new facilities and the expansion of the market.

Even geothermal is a renewable resource but unfortunately not free of challenges. Corrosion and scaling problems may cause significant damage which ends up with a decrease in efficiency, loss of energy output, and increase in operational costs. Kurita has innovative solutions for geothermal systems to prevent the whole system starting from the production site until re-injection.
Due to the process conditions and regional geology and the diversity of materials in the rock formations, which change from one terrain to another, the geothermal production site can face several problems.


Corrsave® Corrsave® 100 – New developed corrosion inhibitor by Kurita. Kurita, in his continuous commitment for sustainable treatments, has developed Corrsave® 100, an innovative new molecule

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HydroBio® Advance

HydroBio® Advance HydroBio® Advance – Online method to determine and monitor biofilm in all water systems. Now available with new features like automatic flow compensation

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Kuritherm® Kurita Geothermal Technology: Kuritherm® Geothermal is a strong candidate to make green energy transition from fossil-based resources to renewables. To provide non-stop 7/24 sustainable

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My Kurita Portal (MKP)

My Kurita Portal (MKP) My Kurita Portal is an innovative, secure and private platform, for continuous and direct communication with our customers. There are 2.5

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S.sensing® LeG

S.sensing® LeG advLegionella & Broadband Pathogen Detection System How Kurita Controls Legionella? Incidents of human illness and fatality due to pathogens in industrial, commercial and

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S.sensingTM MX

S.sensingTM MX S.sensingTM MX – Kurita’s modular multiparameter platform for cooling water monitoring. S.sensingTM MX is a new, modular analyzer system especially designed for industrial cooling water

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