Kurita Europe Technology Center
With our new R&D center, we strive to put our corporate philosophy into practice by constantly creating shared value with the society.

Often, action requires courage – especially when change is involved.

With the new Technology Center (KETC) our innovations contribute to reaching customer’s environmental targets today. 
The KETC is equipped with the most modern test methods and types of equipment. Our R&D activities are dedicated to developing new technologies and solutions for various water treatment applications. These include boiler, cooling, drinking, wastewater as well as membrane, process and paper chemical applications. Additionally, our Analytical department is equipped with advanced instruments to support customers’ needs and the development evolving in the R&D projects. Our expertise is now united under one roof, and Kurita will develop real innovations that will transform the global water treatment industry, improve our customers’ environmental footprint and help our society.

Reach your environmental targets

A Hub for Communication with Customers & Business Partners.

The KETC is not only a center of knowledge and research, but also a center of communication with colleagues, customers, and all our business partners. It is a place where customers and society can learn about our activities and where we can share our knowledge and competence. We cordially invite you to visit us.

Welcome to the KETC

What our diverse team says

Our Capabilities

The KETC is independent of external laboratories, which leads to increased flexibility. We are dedicated to Research & Development with our state-of-the-art infrastructure. 

Fast and precise processing of routine analytics. > 10k samples/year are processed. The focus is primarily on the analysis of inorganic and sensory parameters.

The synthesis lab designs & develops customized products for all water treatment purposes by finding suitable chemicals for the task at hand and developing effective solutions until they are ready for production.

Development of new polymers that can be used in cooling water, boiler water, drinking water, geothermal and desalination applications.

The special analytics lab focuses on the clarification of unknown chemical structures, the characterization of polymers, and the determination of organic components.

The screening laboratory performs preliminary performance tests for various applications. Screening of existing and new raw materials is also performed.

The application lab tests performances and deliver new formulations. We start with simple proof of concept trials and build up to more complex trial series.

Product development of new solutions for water treatment applications in boiler, cooling, drinking, wastewater membrane, process & paper chemical applications.

Quality control - Our vast database allows us to track and compare product performances over time.

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Ground Floor

First Floor

Technical Highlights

Stationary test cooling circuits (STKKL)

Function: complete simulation of open cooling systems (4 units)

Pilot Boiler

Function: Natural circulation boiler

Pilot flat sheet membrane plant

Function: Testing of compatibility and cleaning efficiencies on NF-RO membranes


We are eager to collaborate with you.

Get in touch with us to determine how we can best help you by taking advantage of our many experts, pilot plants and laboratory testing facilities at the Kurita Europe Technology Center.