Legionella Control

What is Legionella?

Incidents of human illness and fatality due to pathogens in industrial, commercial and institutional, and municipal water systems continues to be increasingly prevalent in the news.

Industrial water systems often represent an ideal place for the growth and multiplication of microorganisms, causing a decrease in system performance but also can cause severe sanitary problems in water systems, such as Legionellosis.

At Kurita, we offer an integrated approach that combines chemistry, equipment, engineering, and service to tackle the challenge of Legionella in water systems. Our comprehensive treatment solutions are designed to protect our customers’ systems against this harmful pathogen.


Common source of Legionella transmission.

Legionnaires’ disease Key Facts

Legionnaires’ cases per 100.000 population for the EU/EEA in 2020
(58%) of cases occurred between June and October
years and older males were the most affected

Our proposal: 360 Legionella Troubleshooting

Legionella sampling protocols and analysis

Comprehensive procedures for collecting samples and conducting analysis to detect the presence of Legionella bacteria.

Certified specialists

Highly trained professionals with official certifications in Legionella management and control.

Fast Detection Methods

Utilization of rapid and efficient techniques to quickly identify the presence of Legionella bacteria in water systems.

Action Plan

Definition of Specific steps and strategies to address Legionella risks in your water systems.


We have cutting-edge solutions to monitor biofilm formation.

Risk Assessment

Determine risks related to Legionella presence and recognising possible hazard areas and situations for its proliferation.

Certified Detection Methods

Approved technologies and products that meet specific industry standards for Legionella control and prevention.


We offer tailored training programs designed to educate your staff on Legionella prevention.

Cleaning and Desinfection

We develop procedures for the cleaning and disinfection adapted to your needs to minimize risk of infection.

Product Efficiency according to EN 13623

Kurita Legionella Audits

Physical and chemical examinations of the system are conducted to identify potential risk areas for the proliferation of Legionella and to assess areas that require improvement.

On-site visits

Comprehensive audits of the installation, along with water sampling for Legionella analysis. 

Risk assessments

To determine the presence of Legionella and recognize potential hazardous areas and situations where its proliferation may occur. This process involves identifying, evaluating, and estimating the levels of risk associated with a given situation, comparing them with industry standards, and establishing an acceptable level of risk.

Action Plan

After an Audit we create a personalised and self-management plan tailored to your specific needs. This plan outlines the necessary steps and strategies to address and mitigate the identified risks effectively.

Kurita Fast Detection Methods


KuriFastHigh-accuracy Legionella quick test A cutting-edge approach to Legionella testing Legionnaires’ disease is predominantly caused by Legionella pneumophila, accounting for approximately 97% of reported cases.

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S.sensing® LeG

S.sensing® LeGAirborne Legionella Monitoring System for early warning of legionella threats Source from Annual Epidemiological Report for 2020 from the European Center for Disease Prevention

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Biocidal products against Legionella​

Kurita’s advanced Dilurit®  BC S-System is a mild oxidizer with a broad spectrum of efficacy, a long-lasting effectiveness and a good compatibility with other process chemicals.


Automated feed and monitoring systems that ensure the reliable and proper dosing of biocidal chemistries

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