Kuriverter® RC

Avoid RO membrane replacement by using Kuriverter® RC.

Applications using Reverse Osmosis membrane technologies are everywhere in our lives: from tiny under counter units polishing our drinking water through industrial units preparing water for processes or purifying effluents for reuse, and massive seawater desalination plants producing thousands of m³ of drinking and irrigation water every day. The reverse osmosis used in this technology face many potential problems, namely scale and deposits, biofouling, physical stresses and chemical damage. For many of these problems, we have developed preventive solutions in the form of; pretreatment, antiscalants, dispersants, biocides and better operating procedures.

Kurita reverse osmosis product range and its products are compatible with membranes and accredited with compatibility letters from the most world wide known membrane manufacture companies.

Although using the right products, the daily work is not exempt from incidents. Overdosing of some chemicals, interruption of neutralizing agents, broken pumps, man power miscalculation, etc… can bring Reverse osmosis systems to suffering from chemical damage or oxidation with the resulting increase of salt passage, lose of performance and production problems. The fastest and common solution in these cases is the membrane replacement to avoid long-term production loses but, of course, that means a high economic cost, especially in the big reverse osmosis plants.

But now there is an alternative for Kurita customers that helps to keep the membrane without losing performance: Kuriverter® RC technology by Kurita. This technology allows us to rejuvenate the membrane, restore salt rejection and postpone membrane change until it is budgeted for and convenient. This at a fraction of the replacing cost using an easy to apply CIP process.

Benefits include:

  • Safe FDA and NSF approved components
  • Standard CIP process application
  • The immediate solution to restore permeate quality
  • Low cost compared to replacement
  • Allows planning and budgeting for eventual membrane replacement

Kuriverter® RC technology provides the membrane plant operator with another tool to reduce risk and improve plant performance, keeping the original permeate flow and salts rejection.

Membrane plant operation is a sequential process with each step having specific requirements for efficient operation, and lack of control in one step significantly impacts on the next. With over 60 years of experience, Kurita offers solutions for each of these process steps which will extend plant life and reduce Total Cost of Operation.

Kuriverter® RC components are all fully compliant with FDA food grade chemicals for human consumption.

Kuriverter® RC is NSF / ANSI 60 certified for use in membrane plants producing drinking water.

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