S.sensing™ Value+
Real-time water and energy savings monitoring platform for Kurita’s Value+ applications

Monitor the energy performance of your water treatment system

Kurita’s S.sensing™ Value+ concept offers a smart and innovative way to monitor and evaluate the energy performance of water treatment systems. With S.sensing™ Value+, it is possible to obtain valuable information about the system’s operation, locate areas for improvement, and take effective actions to decrease energy use and pursue sustainability goals of your processes.

S.sensing™ Value+  brings visibility to our innovative Value+ technologies to show:

Real-time monitoring of energy, water and CO2 savings

S.sensing™ Value+ offers a healthy selection of process sensors from our trusted suppliers. It will bring online the benefits in short time with easy to install, easy to troubleshoot sensor solutions, connected directly to My Kurita Portal.


On-site installation and configuration of the sensors


Customer Data with Kurita's Digital Technologies


Real time monitoring system’s energy and water flows as well as product consumption


At Kurita's Customer Portal
My Kurita Portal

Connections available for real-time monitoring

S.sensing Value+ is an equipment package that consists of monitoring sensors connected to Kurita BX.

S.sensing Value+ is designed to accompany our FReE, Dropwise and Cetamine® technologies, bringing visibility to the value we are creating. Data and KPI’s are visualised on My Kurita Portal, our secure and user-friendly digital platform, where customers can access real-time information, reports, alerts, and suggestions from our experts.

S.sensing Value+ is here to help show how our water knowledge is changing and improving our customers’ applications. We cannot quantify the data we don’t collect, and it is with S.sensing Value+ that we will bridge this gap. With real-time monitoring, we can demonstrate the benefits forecasted.

S.sensing Value+ connections available for real-time monitoring

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