Kurita Digital Solutions

Pioneering digitalization for maximizing value visibility to our customers

At Kurita, we are at the forefront of digitalization, pioneering innovative strategies to maximize value visibility for our customers. Our deep water knowledge, combined with our diverse contact points with sites through cutting-edge technologies, allows us to generate winning trust and deliver maximum customer value.

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Discover our Value+ solutions to adress issues associated with water and the environment:

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Discover the power of Kurita's digital strategy and unlock new possibilities for your organization.

S.sensing® Technologies

Unlocking intelligent insights for advanced water monitoring and control.

Process Control Solutions

Streamlining efficiency and driving performance excellence.

Customer Portal

Continuous intelligent recommendations and monitoring of your water treatment applications.

AI / ML Solutions

Discover the power of Artificial Intelligence to optimize your Water Network.

S.sensing® Technologies

Kurita’s modular multiparameter platform for cooling water monitoring.

Wastewater monitoring system for real-time monitoring & dosing control.

Real-time water and energy savings monitoring platform for Kurita’s Value+ applications

Real time microbiological status for Legionella applications.

Process Control Solutions

The state of the art in-situ biocide.

Online method to determine and monitor biofilm in all water systems.

How to stay connected to our customers

Our digital platform enlightens your system performance through continuous intelligent recommendations and monitoring of your water treatment applications. 

Connection available with our technologies:

A controller solution to connect your sensors and communicate with MKP.