SSK Technology
Aeration and Biocide Combined Technology

SSK System – Kurita’s Aeration Technology

The existence of plenty of bacteria in the system means that oxygen is consumed, the oxidation reduction potential exhibits a negative value, and the entire system is anaerobic. Traditionally, a slime layer is generated in the stagnant part but with Kurita´s technology, the stagnation part disappears. The combination of Kurita’s patented biocontrol treatment, aeration technology and S.sensingTM as monitoring system, leads to a lack of slime layer which increases the efficiency of the whole system. By using aeration with biocide, biocide acts effectively. 

Kurita's SSK System - Benefits include:

  • Decrease in wastewater COD
  • Savings in water consumption
  • Odor formation under control
  • Increase in product yield
  • Reduction of chemical additives
  • Reduced pitch deposit & sheet brakes
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