Drinking water: one of our most precious resources

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Drinking Water is one of the world’s most valuable water resources. Therefore, ensuring access to drinking water and sanitation for all is one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which Kurita Group strongly supports.

Drinking water availability and quality differ quite a lot around the globe. Ensuring good drinking water quality does not just start in the water plant itself but already in the protection of the watershed areas. The better protected these areas are, the less effort is necessary to achieve proper drinking water quality during treatment.

After collecting and treating natural water, the drinking water is distributed through extensive supply networks to reach the final consumer. All steps must be carefully monitored to ensure the water arrives safely and healthy in the glass you drink or the kettle you use to prepare your tea or coffee.

The production processes

Unfortunately, in many cases, even natural water qualities from protected areas do not fully meet all drinking water standards. A drinking water preparation is usually necessary to ensure that these water qualities meet the standards regarding mineral composition and hygienic conditions. These standards must be met both at the place of its preparation and after its long journey through the distribution networks at the taps of the final consumers.

As a core technology of Kurita, we offer embracing solutions for state-of-the-art drinking water production, including AI-driven technologies for preventing drinking water losses in the distribution network. For many decades, we have taken care of qualified products for all steps of drinking water production. We are starting from flocculants to remove suspended solids to antiscalants, which ensure the safe operation of membrane treatment plants to produce drinking water.

Preparing good-quality water in the waterworks is only one side of the coin. As also mentioned, the distribution networks must also be looked after.

These networks typically contain materials like plastics, different metals, or concrete. The corrosion of iron and other metals must be avoided, especially as corrosion by-products potentially contaminate the water. Besides the deteriorating drinking water quality, in the worst case, corrosion could also lead to the loss of valuable drinking water through leakages and pipe breaks.

The best drinking water treatment practices

Our Metaqua® product line reliably protects the drinking water supply network from corrosion. The Metaqua® program combines products that create a protective layer on the metal surfaces of the piping networks. Unique technologies like Kurita’s patented Integration Method or the Thermally Activated Silicates technology achieve adequate corrosion protection at the lowest dosage levels and thus fulfil the minimising principle, representing the best drinking water treatment practice.

Beyond the supply of intelligent chemical solutions, Kurita has pioneered the implementation of machine-learning solutions in up-to-date water production. Since 2020, Fracta Inc. and Kurita Water Industries have teamed up to perform condition assessments of water supply lines. Using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Fracta’s data scientists have developed machine learning algorithms to predict impending leaks or water pipe breaks. This groundbreaking technology enables water suppliers to minimise or even altogether avoid losses of precious water in their facilities, helps to optimise narrow repair and replacement budgets and thus creates resources for investments in the future.

Fracta, Metaqua®, and Siliphos are our representatives for state-of-the-art drinking water treatment. 

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