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Advanced water-leakage prediction tool used by more than 100 water-utilities worldwide
Unrevealed Accuracy:

Fracta uses up to 150+ environmental parameters for it's customer-specific machine learning predictions

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Benefits of AI Technology

No hardware installation needed
Quick delivery time
(2-3 weeks)
Minimum data requirements and flexible file format
Enjoy the power of AI/ML, our engineers make it easy for you.
Easy to implement

Our AI-engineers will create your own-prediction algorithm

Fast Accurate Results

Our Trained algorithm allows you to obtain meaningful results since the beginning


Our data engineers will keep supporting once the algorithm is implemented continue nurturing it

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Discover the power of Artificial Intelligence and Fracta.

Contact an AI expert

Our team of experts will assist you in optimising your Water Network.

Combating Global Issues with Technology

By identifying leaks and pipe failures in real-time, utilities can reduce water waste, mitigating water scarcity impact.
38 % of the EU population was affected by water scarcity.

29 % of EU territory was affected by water scarcity.

€2 to 9 billion cost of droughts each year.
2/3 of the world’s population will live in water-stressed regions.
The world’s energy consumption will increase by 35% which in turn will increase water demand by 15%.
Water demand is projected to grow by 55%.

Source: OECD

“Developed EU countries have an average clean water leakage ratio of 7-47%”.

Source: EU Funding

Predict leakage and breaks in water pipelines thanks to Fracta’s Digital Technologies

FRACTA is cost-effective and ready to implement solution powered by Machine Learning to boost efficiency in Leakage detection and management.

Fracta's Machine Learning Benefits

Focus on High-Risk Pipe Segments

Identify up to 200% more faulty pipes vs a static in-house model

Predictive Maintenance

Fracta’s solution provides higher accuracy and useful predictions to plan ahead.

Fracta as Budget Validation Tool

Argue your budget needs to your local authority on predictions based on 150+ parameters

Water Savings

Reduce non-revenue water (NRW) caused by pipe failures to increase water availability for consumption

Innovative leader in the optimization of Asset Management and Capital Planning

Fracta received in June 2022 an AWWA Innovation Leader Award in the Service Provider category at ACE 2022 in San Antonio (US).

This award is presented to companies at the forefront of providing Utilities Asset Management solutions and transforming businesses.

Our Customers

Over 100 utilities around the world have used Fracta’s A.I. network to analyze almost 200,000 Km of pipe and 300,000 individual breaks.

Customer Testimonial

Kassel, Germany

Learn How Fracta Helps Improve Monitoring Kassel’s Water Main Networks


Marketing Material

Marketing Materials

More information about AI and Fracta

Fracta Feature Sheet

Explore the different features of the Fracta platform and how they can be leveraged to reduce risk within a water main network.

How Fracta Helps Water Utilities

Learn more about the valuable ways Fracta helps support water utilities in prioritizing pipe replacements.

LOF, COF, BRE Data Sheet

Dive deep into the reasons behind our approach to creating best in class LOF, COF and Total Risk metrics for water retailers.

Job Planner Data Sheet

Explore the different ways water utilities benefit from combining their LOF values into capital improvement projects using the Job Planner.
Case Studies

Success Stories

Water utilities from all around the world have relied on Fracta to improve their water main networks.

Greater Johnstown Water Authority, PA

Fracta’s Likelihood of Failure (LOF) maps correctly identified 75% of the leaks in 15 pipe segments, saving the utility 20% in NRW loss.

San Francisco Public Works, CA

By using Fracta’s machine learning algorithm, SFPUC was able to meet and exceed their annual pipe replacement goal of 13 miles by prioritizing the top 1% of riskiest pipes.

City of Topeka, KS

Fracta condition assessment on average saves Topeka $80-100k per year, delivering a strong Return on Investment in the first year of usage.
White Paper

Bringing A.I. To Infrastructure
Machine Learning for Water Main Pipe Condition assessment.

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Set time with Fracta for a one-on-one introduction with our sales or engineering team.

Upcoming Events

  • Kraftwerkstechnisches Kolloquium in Dresden, 5-6 October 2023

Past Events

  • Smart Water Utilities Europe in Amsterdam, 12-13 September 2022
  • A WAve of Innovation in Milan, 28 February 2023
  • Essener Tagung für Wasserwirtschaft in Aachen, 7-9 March 2023
  • DVGW Asset Management in der Wasserversorgung in Bonn, 12-13 June 2023
  • Smart Water Utilities Europe in Amsterdam, 28-29 June 2023

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