Wastewater Systems

The intelligent treatment of your wastewater systems

Most of the industries use a significant amount of water and so generates wastewater. Due to increased environmental sensitivity and today’s legislative restrictions, they are operating wastewater treatment plants. The challenges of a wastewater treatment system depend strongly on the water quality. Kurita develops differentiated products and solutions to improve water quality in advance to wastewater removal, whilst respecting the relevant legislation and the environment. The different Kurita technologies carefully adapt to the needs of each treatment plant through the optimisation and improvement of the water quality while reducing operating costs. We provide complete solutions for an efficient and optimised wastewater treatment and improved water reuse in your facilities. We work closely with our customers to reduce the discharges to a minimum level as one of our main targets to support the sustainability.

What kind of speciality products does Kurita provide?

We offer a complete and innovative treatment program for a wide range of applications.

Water Purification:

  • Kuriflock, Gilufloc®Ferrofloc®Natural, organic, inorganic or mixed coagulants and adsorbing agents.
  • Kuriflock, Gilufloc®, Ferrocryl®Wide range of anionic, cationic, non-ionic and amphoteric flocculants, available in powder, water-based or emulsion forms.
  • Kuriflock, Gilufloc®, Ferrocryl®Specific agents for sludge treatment which help to separate the water from the sludge particles.

Emulsion Breakers:

  • Kuriflock and Ferrolin®Nature-based, organic emulsion breakers are able to react at neutral pH and without heating for a better valorisation of exhausted oil and emulsions.
  • Innovative emulsion breakers for a sharp oil-water separation.
  • Natural and organic oil dewatering agents reducing the concentrated oil quantities by decreasing to a minimum the amount of water in oil.

Biological wastewater treatment:

  • Biotreat: Chemical preparations used for activated sludge systems.
  • Biobooster: Series of dry microorganisms and nutrients to regenerate your biological systems without side effects in the subsequent steps.
  • Innovative technologies to improve the capacity of the biological plant and to strengthen the biology against poison peaks for an optimal reduction of COD, P and N.

Defoamers & Odour Controllers:

  • Kuriflock, Kurita® and Contraspum®: Advanced silicone- based and silicon free defoamers portfolio with low COD contribution, fulfilling the needs of specific applications and meeting the requirements of BfR (Bundesinstitut für Risikoanalyse) and FDA for both preventive and curative actions.
  • Kurita®/Ferrosolf® and Kurirazer: Specific products for real chemical odour control and neutralization and absorbers for unpleasant odour (e.g. Mercaptan, H2S)

S.sensing™ CS: Automation of your wastewater treatment plant

Kurita introduces the S.sensing™ CS technology, a system designed to provide real-time control over coagulant dosing, using laser-based technology. Unlike traditional approaches that measure after the sedimentation process, S.sensing CS detects flock formation early in the process, enabling swift adjustments in coagulant dosage.

Wastewater from industrial processes contains a number of pollutants which are present in dissolved or undissolved forms. Keeping to the wastewater effluent limits requires mechanical processes such as filtration, sedimentation or flotation before water can be discharged to the sewage system.

The specific use of coagulants and flocculants optimises the separation of suspended particles, solids and sludge from the wastewater, which without such chemical additives, could not be removed in the flotation or sedimentation processes.

Kurita offers a wide range of organic and inorganic coagulants and also different Al salts for the removal of phosphorus, sulfates, heavy metals and other critical components (e.g. F, As). Additionally, Kurita’s special adsorbing agents reduce COD, BOD, HC and colouring agents in wastewater treatment plants.

Besides the large range of powder products, Kurita also offers emulsion polymers, oil-free dispersion polymers, water-based flocculants, ready-to-use solutions, the new generation of acrylamide free flocculants and full range for the pre-treatment of drinking water complying with the related norms.

Successful wastewater management includes right and optimal treatment products application. This can be achieved through reliable and real-time wastewater testing and monitoring. Kurita provides innovative wastewater equipment, S.sensing CS, which ensures using the right treatment product at the right time. Therefore, smooth plant operation while reducing total operational cost is verified.

The demulsification plays an important role in an effective wastewater treatment process. Only the effective separation of the oil phase from the wastewater enables a trouble-free wastewater treatment and discharge. Furthermore, the volume of the separated oil, as well as the disposal costs for it, will decrease significantly when the water content of the oil is reduced. In some cases, the proper oil-water separation allows recovery of the oil with high yields and marketable quality.

The use of Kurita’s emulsion breakers and the specific adaptation to your wastewater treatment process will increase the effectiveness of your emulsion breaking system and finally results in an increased productivity and cost reduction in water management.

In industrial processes, foam formation is often unavoidable and has many root causes. Large quantities of foam cause trouble and can even jeopardize operational safety.

The specific use of the right defoamer breaks down the foam and/or prevents its formation. Our engineers are ready to advise you in the selection and application of a suitable defoamer adapted to your equipment and processes. Additionally, online foam sensors can be used for automation of the defoamer dosage resulting in plant operating capacity increase.

In many industrial processes and waste water-bearing systems, such as wastewater treatment plants, demulsification plants, storage tanks and retention water tanks, unpleasant smells occur resulting either from substances in the wastewater or by digestive processes.

Kurita odour absorbers remove smells, prevent the formation of corrosive hydrogen sulfide and can even absorb already existing bad odours produced by H2S.

Wastewater treatment plants are unique because of the number of influencing factors: quality of the wastewater, production processes, contaminants, plant design, etc. We provide chemical and equipment solutions adapted to your special needs. We always investigate wastewater problems from the beginning of water consumption until the discharging point, taking into account all factors.

Why choose Kurita?

We have deep experience in wastewater treatment over several decades in various types of industry. Our solutions allow you to respect legislation, environment and reduce operational costs. Our aim is to help you improve treatment processes while saving water and reducing sludge and waste. Wherever appropriate, we also investigate with you the possibility of reusing water and thereby controlling the whole water-related field.

  • To improve water quality
  • To meet stringent regulations
  • To optimize plant performance
  • To increase water reuse
  • To reduce operational costs

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