Advanced portfolio for waste water treatment processes – Kuriflock/Gilufloc®

Every customer has different needs. With Kurita´s broad range of coagulation and flocculation products, we meet the needs of various applications in different manufacturing processes in the field of construction, industry, water and paper. By clarifying make-up water and / or purifying waste water, we work together with our customers to create the best results.

Inorganic coagulants

  • Wide range of aluminum based products in different concentrations and basicities.
  • Aluminum salts from own production.

Natural, organic and mixed coagulants:

  • Synergistic formulations for better clarification, reduced chemical consumption and sludge generation.
  • Enhances clarification when oils, complexion agents and surfactants are present.
  • Customised solutions for waste water from food industry, automotive, steel mills and general industry.

Organic emulsion breakers:

  • Natural, organic emulsion splitters, effective at a wide pH range, without pH-control and heating for better valorization of exhausted oil and emulsions.
  • Innovative emulsion breakers for a sharp oil water seperation.
  • Reduction of sludge production and global purification costs.

Special adsorbing agents:

  • For the reduction of soluble COD, BOD, hydro carbons and the removal of coloring agents and heavy metals.

Wide range of flocculants:

  • Classical powder and emulsion polymers, innovative water-based flocculants range with respect to the environment.
  • New generation of polyacrylamide-free products.

Sludge dewatering agents:

  • Powder, emulsion and water based products compatible with the main sludge dewatering systems, for dryness improvement and volume reduction of sludge.

Specialties for heavy metal and anion removal:

  • Heavy metal and anion scavengers applicable for a wide range of pH to remove e.g. Zn, Cr, Pb, Hg, Ni, fluorides, sulfates, phosphate.

Case Studies

Kuriflock 6003 - The definitive solution for cyanide elimination

A petrochemical plant has achieved a significant reduction in its cyanide discharge.

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