Lastabil® & Bekaflex®

Cost efficiency and process stability in fiber bleaching – Lastabil® & Bekaflex®

Hydrogen peroxide is the most relevant agent for oxidative bleaching of virgin and recycled fiber. As hydrogen peroxide is easily decomposed in the presence of heavy metals and/or Catalase, a peroxide degrading enzyme which is embodied in many bacteria, tremendous peroxide losses leading to significantly increased costs and quality issues could occur without controlling those undesired reactions during bleaching.

Chelating agents like DTPA are commonly used to control the heavy metal content of the pulp during bleaching. Due to DTPA´s poor biodegradability its substitution is highly appreciated.

Our DTPA-free Lastabil® bleaching stabilizers perform even under alkaline conditions. Recorded benefits are a good cost performance in balance with an excellent biodegradability.

Bekaflex® Catalase treatment programs have a proven efficiency in inhibiting microbiological induced hydrogen peroxide degradation.

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