Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical Industry
The food and beverage industry is suffering from severe economic pressure. Efficient and continuous production processes are therefore business critical.

By choosing Kurita concepts for your cooling water, boiler water and waste water plants as well as your reverse osmosis systems and autoclaves – all of which are specially adapted to your needs – you opt for economic and ecological treatment, leading to more productivity and cost-efficiency.

Naturally, we also deliver FDA and NSF approved treatment products.

The pharmaceutical industry must respond to the challenge of growing competitive and regulatory pressures. Increased productivity and the optimal utilization of resources contribute to achieving added economic efficiency. Our economic treatment concepts for your cooling water, boiler water and waste water plants extend lifecycles and increase productivity. As specialists for ultrapure water and reverse osmosis we ensure water quality levels that meet the highest expectations. Secure a competitive edge through intelligent water treatment with Kurita.

Cetamine® FB

Cetamine® FB Technology Cetamine® FB Technology Next Generation Boiler Water Treatment in Food & Beverage Industry Water is a key resource in the food &

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Corrsave® Corrsave® 100 – New developed corrosion inhibitor by Kurita. Kurita, in his continuous commitment for sustainable treatments, has developed Corrsave® 100, an innovative new molecule

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Kurita Dropwise Technology improves productivity and boosts heat transfer efficiency in industrial systems and heat exchangers. The product is dosed continuously into the steam line

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F&B 360

Kurita offers an innovative 360° solution for the full water cycle of your food & beverage plant, which will help you save water and energy

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HydroBio® Advance

HydroBio® Advance HydroBio® Advance – Online method to determine and monitor biofilm in all water systems. Now available with new features like automatic flow compensation

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Kuriverter® IK

Kuriverter® IK Biofilm control agent for membrane systems. Biofouling is one of the most critical issues Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems are facing, especially in a

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Metaqua® Metaqua® Kurita’s broad range of drinking water treatment products to avoid scale formation and corrosion, which leads to a reduction of the heavy metal

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My Kurita Portal (MKP)

My Kurita Portal (MKP) My Kurita Portal is an innovative, secure and private platform, for continuous and direct communication with our customers. There are 2.5

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S.sensing® LeG

S.sensing® LeGAirborne Legionella Monitoring System for early warning of legionella threats How Kurita Controls Legionella? Incidents of human illness and fatality due to pathogens in

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S.sensingTM MX

S.sensingTM MX S.sensingTM MX – Kurita’s modular multiparameter platform for cooling water monitoring. S.sensingTM MX is a new, modular analyzer system especially designed for industrial cooling water

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