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Kurita is there

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Tailored Industry Solutions

Regardless of individual differences between industries, they all face a similar challenge: to enhance efficiency.

Kurita can play a crucial role in achieving this key business objective. Our technologies and know-how help lower your operating costs, increase your plant availability and optimize the safety of your employees and your plants. Furthermore, we actively support you with expert advice as well as individual concepts and competent service for the water and process treatment of your plant.




Ethanol Process

Food and Beverage & Pharma

General Manufacturing


Power Generation

Refinery & Petrochemical

Steel and Coke Industry


We are commited to create a sustainable future with businesses and communities by understanding our customer and society’s shared challenges and goals around water savings, energy savings, and waste reduction.


As individual as your needs

Every plant and every process is different. For this reason, our solutions are tailored to your requirements and specifically developed for different fields of industry and applications. Consequently, they offer far more than the mere treatment with chemicals – our broad range of services guide you towards optimum solutions for an efficient and reliable operation process.