Kurita Donates to Support the Earthquake-Affected Areas in Southeastern Turkey

The Kurita Group expresses its deepest condolences to those who have been affected by the recent earthquakes in southeastern Turkey. In response to the devastating earthquake, the Kurita Group has made donations to support relief efforts through various non-governmental organizations. We have contributed with 20 million yen through Japan Platform, a Japanese Emergency humanitarian aid organization; 20,000 euros […]

Kurita Water & Environment Event

What are the challenges and opportunities facing multiple industries in using #water sustainably? Join the Kurita Water & Environment Event to learn more about sustainable industrial #watermanagement by having lively discussions with our experts and partners about how Kurita’s solutions and technologies can create shared value between society, industry, and the environment. Register now!

Kurita Supports the Water Resilience Coalition

Kurita participated in the Water Resilience Coalition (“WRC”) as a Leadership Committee member. The WRC is a new organization established under the CEO Water Mandate, a United Nations Global Compact initiative. It will launch industry-driven initiatives for the preservation of water resources in water-stressed basins all over the world. Through its participation in the WRC, […]

CSV Solutions – Creating Shared Value for a Sustainable Society

The Kurita Group provides the value demanded by customers and aims to create shared value with the society that lies ahead. We will fulfill our responsibility for the future by providing unique solutions to issues associated with water and the environment. Visit our Virtual Hall to learn more about how are technologies create Shared Value. 

Kurita CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

Kurita’s global corporate social responsibility is at the core of our corporate philosophy and business strategy. Our goal is to provide clean water and sustainable solutions that create unique value for society and our customers. Kurita believes there is power in harmony and the balance between humanity and nature.  Kurita’s actions are directed by its […]

New spanish regulation for prevention and control of Legionella

On June 21st, 2002, the Health Ministry published the Royal Ordinance 487/2002, in which the sanitary requirements to prevent and to control Legionelosis were established. This regulation will come into place on January 2th, 2023.  The main changes between the Royal Ordinance 487/2022 compared to the Royal Ordinance 865/2003 (old) are the following:  

Kurita in space: the ISS will be equipped with our innovative water recycling system

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. received an order from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) for the manufacture of a flight model of the company’s next generation water recycling[nbsp]demonstration system. This system is scheduled to be installed in the Japanese Experiment Module “Kibo” on the International Space Station.