Complete protection of the whole boiler system

Cetamine® FB Technology Next Generation Boiler Water Treatment in Food & Beverage Industry

Water is a key resource in the food & beverage industry. Steam is generated in boiler systems and used for food processing with either direct or indirect contact to food. In this sensitive industry high steam purity is essential to assure the required product quality. On the other hand, safe and efficient boiler operation is another basic requirement to assure long term protection against corrosion and to avoid system failures.

Kurita developed the Cetamine® FB Technology which complies with international food regulations and can be safely applied in boiler systems where the generated steam has either direct or indirect contact to food.

Cetamine® FB Technology adsorbs on system surfaces and establishes a protective film acting as a barrier to prevent corrosion. The surface active Cetamine® FB Technology cleans system surfaces during normal boiler operation which leads to a better heat transfer and boiler efficiency. Boilers operating under Cetamine® FB Technology consume less water and ener­gy leading to economical savings and reduced CO2 emission.

Features & Benefits

  • Compliance with international food regulations
  • Reduction of water & energy consumption
  • Reduction of CO2 emission
  • Exceptional protection against corrosion throughout whole water/steam system
  • Cleaner systems with stable operation
  • Full boiler protection during stand-still periods and system shut-downs
  • Improved ecological profile
  • Available as multifunctional corrosion inhibitor and scale & silica remover

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