Avista, a global brand of Kurita for membrane treatment solutions

Avista is a leading global brand recognized by operators, system designers, membrane manufacturers and equipment suppliers for application expertise and innovative membrane solutions.

Kurita offers local support services to optimize membrane system performance and a wide range of membrane treatment solutions, including chemicals, equipment, and services.

We take the continuous improvement of your plant to heart. Our aim is to support you in reducing water and chemical consumption while also focusing on environmental sustainability. 

Improve membrane system performance and reliability

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Our comprehensive product range enables Kurita to specifically target contaminants that would otherwise impact system operation.

Kurita experts provide the specialist advice needed to ensure you get the right products for your system.

Kuriverter® IK Slime Control Agent

Highly effective, biofilm control agent specifically designed with the unique ability to deeply penetrate and remove foulant from the surface while inhibiting future growth.

Vitec™ Antiscalants

The inhibition and dispersant properties of Vitec products help extend system run times, reduce cleaning frequency, and increase the productive life of RO elements. NSF and EN certifed.

RoClean™ Cleaners

Efficient and cost-effective removal of many different foulant and scales. All products are low foaming and membrane compatible. NSF and EN certified.

RoQuest™ Coagulants

Improve the efficiency of multimedia filtration (MMF) equipment. Studies show that a nominal dosage of a RoQuest coagulant may allow MMF equipment to remove over 97% of particulates.


Our reverse osmosis expertise enables us to select the right biocides, antiscalants, and cleaning chemicals. With a thorough understanding of your plant’s design and functionality, we ensure efficient operation while prioritising cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability.

Advisor™Ci Online Chemical Dosing Software

An understanding of water chemistry is essential for properly selecting the chemical treatment in an RO system. As feed waters become more complex and recovery rates are stretched the demands on antiscalants have become ever more critical. Kurita’s proprietary online software, Avista™ Advisor™ Ci is one of the most sophisticated scale modelling tools available, providing accurate predictions of scale challenges and the products and dose rates required to meet them.

The software features:

  • Robust calculation engine
  • Metal dosing factor
  • Rate of reaction
  • High recovery applications
  • Complex ion technology

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On-demand Webinars:

>Avista Advisor™CI Beginner Training

>Avista Advisor™CI Advanced Training

>Avista Advisor™CI Cleaner Module Training

Membrane Autopsy with CEI

The Avista Membrane Autopsy is one of the most powerful tools available to identify, prevent and correct membrane performance issues to improve system maintenance and operation.

Troubleshooting Membrane Systems

The Avista Membrane Autopsy includes a physical dissection of an element to remove samples and supporting materials for laboratory and foulant analysis. This procedure identifies scaling or fouling problems, determines the proper cleaning regimen, verifies system operating conditions and improves system performance.

What is CEI?

Chromatic Elemental Imaging℠ (CEI℠) is used for accurate, high resolution imaging that identifies the exact location and concentration of elements in a foulant sample.



Representing the gold standard for those looking to service their RO system, OSCAR is a test and restoration system that provides a complete membrane health check. The aim is to maintain optimum operating efficiency and maximise membrane life. During the process membrane elements are individually performance tested and receive targeted deep cleans under highly optimised conditions. Element performance is benchmarked against the membrane manufacturers specification and can be tracked according to position and history. OSCAR ensures that no element is ever disposed of unless truly necessary.  


OSCAR servicing is carried out at Kurita facilities at the Avista Centre of Excellence site in the UK, and also on mainland Europe. 

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System Audit

Kurita’s technical staff are trained to apply a specific multi-step process, which we call the Avista Approach, to assess the running and operation of a membrane system. Only with a thorough understanding of the whole process and the requirements of the operator can we understand how to optimise system performance. System audits are rigorous checks of all aspects of the operation including reviews of the design, data collection procedures, data interpretation, chemical treatment efficiency, energy and water consumption, system failures and maintenance procedures.


An Avista Approach audit can help you ensure your system operates at the peak of its capabilities for as long as possible.  

Troubleshooting Support

At Kurita we know that it is not enough to simply supply chemicals, we work with our clients on a proactive and reactive basis to maintain and improve system performance. We use the results of modelling, site surveys, operating data reviews and autopsies to adjust and optimise system operation and configuration and work closely with operational staff during process upsets. We acknowledge the dangers of taking a set-and-forget approach to specialty chemicals, as this often leads to unnecessary costs, shorter membrane life, and compromised system performance. When a Client hits an unexpected problem, we can help them through.

Water Analysis

Accurate water analysis is crucial for selecting the right antiscalant product and dosage for your reverse osmosis (RO) or nanofiltration (NF) systems. Our service examines selective ions in your feedwater to predict potential scaling and fouling.

The specific ions tested are then entered into our advanced Avista AdvisorCi projection software where recovery rates, antiscalant selection, dose rates, and potential scales and/or foulants are determined.

My Kurita Portal (MKP)

My Kurita Portal system data normalization program helps you make good decisions about your membrane treatment program.

With this service, we collect automatic data from monitoring and controlling equipments, store parameters, generate uniform and accurate reports, and share documents and information anytime, anywhere.


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