Printing & Writing

Comprehensive treatment programmes for printing & writing paper manufacturers

The internet-driven structural change of the graphical paper market is the biggest challenge for printing and writing paper manufacturers today. To stay competitive vs. digital media requires highest quality at the lowest cost level. Our chemicals help the industry in achieving these goals.

What kind of specialty products does Kurita provide?

With our Perglutin® polymeric surface sizing agents for internal and surface applications, we offer one of the broadest portfolios for customising the surface properties of printing and writing paper. Thanks to comprehensive Perglutin® paper sizing agent product range,  unique printing results, good toner adhesion and excellent control of liquid holdout can be achieved.

Oxidising biocide programmes utilizing mild oxidizers have proven most effective at a reasonable cost level in many applications worldwide. Our Dilurit® BC S systems are highly effective in situ microbiocide systems generating chloramines as active matter via state of the art make up and dosing technology.

Supported by a deep application know-how with retention aid agents, our organic Labufloc® flocculants are the backbone for achieving unique sheet formation, accelerated drainage and high filler levels. Together with our Al-compound range (Kuriflock® ), we offer a versatile portfolio for tailor-made drainage and retention programs.

DTPA-free Lastabil® bleaching stabilizers are our best practice approach for balancing costs and sustainable usage of bleaching chemicals while ensuring smooth pulp bleaching processes. Lastabil® product range for pulp bleaching perform even under alkaline conditions. Recorded benefits are good cost control, reducing total cost of operation and managing the operation profit while keeping the performance in balance with an excellent biodegradability.

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Why choose Kurita?

Kurita is your competent partner for comprehensive solutions – our technical sales representatives and application technologists provide you locally with reliable customised services and solutions for your operations.

We take the continuous improvement of your process to heart. Our aim is to support you in reducing water and chemicals consumption and adding value to paper while keeping environment and sustainability in the focus. For good reasons Kurita is one of only 30 enterprises which are listed in the „NAI“ (Nature-Stock-Index).

Our comprehensive service includes: 

  • System surveys and paper testing
  • On and off-site staff training
  • Development of customised concepts in our pilot paper plant
  • Analytical services (on-site and in own laboratories)
  • Real-time process monitoring and control concepts
  • Engineering services
  • Equipment technologies