Kurita Establishes a Local Company in India for Water Treatment Chemicals Sales

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. (Head Office: Nakano-ku, Tokyo; President: Hirohiko Ejiri; hereinafter “Kurita”) has established Kurita AquaChemie India Private Limited (KAIL), a company that sells water treatment chemicals in the Republic of India, in May 2024. KAIL headquarters are in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and their operations will commence once the business launch procedures are completed.

In Pioneering Shared Value 2027 (PSV-27), the medium-term management plan to FY2027, the Kurita Group aims to create shared value with society through diverse industries and has positioned the enhancement and global expansion of CSV business (*1) and other solutions as a priority measure. In addition to advance this measure, we have established the business foundations in each region of Japan, Asia, EMEA, and North & South America and have been strengthening our systems to create and deliver optimal solutions dynamically for solving the issues faced by customers and society.

India possesses one of the world’s leading economic scales and is expected to develop further. In addition, it has been accelerating to expansion of foreign companies, including Japanese ones, and the need for water treatment is growing across various industries. In light of these backgrounds, KAIL has been established to deliver optimal water treatment solutions to customers in India rapidly in response to their various needs. By establishing a business basis and enhancing customer intimacy, the Kurita Group aims to further expand our business in India.

Please refer to the following for an outline of KAIL, which is newly established.

Outline of KAIL
Company name
Kurita AquaChemie India Private Limited.
May 3rd, 2024
Head office
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Republic of India

Kurita AquaChemie Limited (*2) *Holding all shares except for one share

Kurita AquaChemie FZE (*3) *Holding one share

Main business
Sale of water treatment chemicals

To expand our business globally, the Kurita Group will continue strengthening its business foundation in each region and expanding growth opportunities. Furthermore, we strive to realize a sustainable society by creating and delivering various solutions, such as CSV business and others, to help save water, reduce GHG emissions, recycle waste, and reduce resource inputs.


*1: Defined as CSV (Creating Shared Value) business; Products, technologies, and business models that significantly contribute to water conservation, reduction of GHG emissions, recycling of waste, and reduction of resource input compared to conventional methods in water treatment business with high social value. 

*2: A holding company (head office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates) owned 51% stake by Kurita Europe GmbH (a German subsidiary which is wholly owned by Kurita,) to oversee the Middle East region.

*3: A business company (head office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates) wholly owned by Kurita AquaChemie Limited, responsible for the manufacturing and sale of water treatment chemicals in the Middle East.

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