FReE - Kurita's Fouling Removal Efficiency Program
Online Cooling System Cleaning Technology

FReE Concept

Increase heat transfer of your cooling system without plant shutdowns


Different types of deposit online


The whole water circuit system from corrosion


Shutdowns & safe cleaning cost


With other actives or treatment programs

Fouling of cooling water system generates energy losses

An optimal heat transfer is the most important point in every water-cooled process.

Scale, corrosion, and biofouling negatively affect the heat transfer. That is why, cleaning is a “must”, because it minimizes the microbiological risks, reinstating the system efficiency.

Apply FReE and get rid of any kind of deposit

Kurita has developed the Fouling Removal Efficiency application, where a total cleaning is performed during operation, without being corrosive and with no generation of waste. We are committed to developing solutions which help both our customers in an environmentally friendly approach.

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Increase plant efficiency with FReE

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HydroBio® Technology

Kurita’s HydroBio® Technology enables efficient biofilm control and online monitoring to achieve a clean system and its smooth operation.

Hydrobio advance

Case Studies

Power plant cuts costs with our FReE cleaning system

Revolutionary biofouling control with Turbodispin® 4363

33% increase of plant producivity with FReE application

The effectiveness of the treatment achieve savings of ~10 k€ on maintenace cost as the customer did not need to clean/replace the tower's fill

FReE achieves 100k €/y savings by avoiding downtime for cleaning in a Coke Plant in France

Big scaling in the quenching tower of a coke plant was causing a strong reduction in water flow rate with a high risk of blocking pipes. Scaling speed was >3cm/year with areas with more than 10cm thickness already, risking a pipe blockage, even regular cleanings, and reinforced maintenance. A total stop of production seemed inevitable. After 5 months of application of FReE! most of the scaling deposits were removed and the plant stoppage was prevented. 100k€ savings/a and Energy efficiency improved +30%

FReE increased 50% the flow rate in the water sealing unit of a steel plant

The water sealing pipelines of a major steel plant from Europe presented hardness deposits that were causing a strong negative impact on the production, nearly getting irreversible clogged. The flow rate was down to 15m3/h which was not enough to satisfy the cooling needs. 1 year after FReE! application the flow rate was recovered by 50% avoiding a very complex cleaning process for the plant and maintaining the production active all the time. Savings for the customer were 500k€.

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