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unlocking the full potential of hydrogen

In the dynamic landscape of climate action and energy transition, hydrogen, especially generated from natural resources, is a game-changing decarbonization solution. 

Hydrogen is produced via electrolysis by passing an electric current through water, splitting it into hydrogen and oxygen gases. In case of green hydrogen, the required energy comes from a renewable source like wind or solar.

Electrolyzer feedwaters can be provided by a variety of methods, including thermal desalination, membrane technologies like reverse osmosis (RO) and electrochemical methods such as electrodialysis (ED) or electrodeionization (EDI).

Water consumption hydrogen

What Challenges Do Hydrogen Producers Face?

Although most water treatment methods are now common practice, they do present certain challenges such as:


Due to damage or cleaning procedures leading to a decrease or even stop in water availability for the electrolysis process

Energy consumption

Increase as a result of foulant or scale on membrane or heat transfer surfaces

Longevity of modules

Deterioration by oxidation, fouling or scaling decreases a membranes lifetime, leading to frequent replacements.

Overall costs

Total water treatment can make up to 5% of CAPEX and 1-2% (up to 5% for Sea Water RO) of OPEX regarding the levelized cost of hydrogen (LCOH)

How Kurita can help you

As a consistently pure water quality is the key to high electrolyzer stack efficiencies and long lifetimes, it is imperative to maintain the water pre-treatment in excellent shape so that the operators of electrolyzers can concentrate on their main job: producing hydrogen.

Kurita brings a thorough understanding of many pre-treatment options, especially the Reverse Osmosis process and the solutions required to optimize and maintain operation, minimize energy consumption and waste, cutting operating costs, and avoiding system downtime.

Avista Membrane treatment solutions help RO operators make significant savings in operational costs, energy consumption and water.
Comparison of Monthly Operational Costs for an Ultrapure Water Producer before and after using Kurita's Solution.

Case Studies

An Ultrapure Water Producer Realizes RO System Improvements and Reduction in Costs

Kuriverter™ IK-220 and Vitec™ 3000

Our unique offering includes:

Kurita offers state-of-the-art holistic solutions tailored to meet the demanding standards required for green hydrogen production. We understand that the key to unlocking the potential of green hydrogen starts with water purity. Join us in shaping a cleaner, greener future powered by renewable energy and pristine water.

Avista Membrane treatment solutions

Kurita offers local support services to optimize membrane system performance and a wide range of membrane treatment solutions, including chemicals, equipment, and services.

Avista System Audit

System audits are rigorous checks of all aspects of the operation including reviews of the design, data collection procedures, data interpretation, chemical treatment efficiency, energy and water consumption, system failures and maintenance procedures.

Avista Advisor™ CI

Leading scale projection application. Intended for system users and designers alike, the software models scale challenges in complex waters and identifies the correct antiscalant technology from our Vitec product range required to maintain membranes scale free.

Cooling & Process

Kurita provides customised solutions for cooling and process water systems, based on the combined treatments of scale & fouling prevention, corrosion inhibition, and biocides.

Wastewater Treatment

Kurita develops differentiated products and solutions to improve water quality in advance to wastewater removal, whilst respecting the relevant legislation and the environment.


Kurita provides total solutions to the microelectronics and semiconductor sector to enhance plant and process efficiency while achieving substantial water and energy savings.

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